Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29th December 2021 Written Update

Amrita Goes Away From Pritam’s Room Because Baje Feels Uncomfortable. She Goes To Her Room And Cries. She Thinks That She Came Closer To Pritam. She Throws All The Stuff In Her Room. Jassi Calls Her And Tells Her That She Is Looking Very Cute With Pritam In The Pictures. Amrita Gets Angry On Her And Ask Her To Think Before Speaking And Cuts The Call. Then She Goes To The Washroom And Takes The Shower. She Goes In Kitchen To Bring Water. Santo Sees Her And Ask Her Why Did She Take The Shower At This Time?

She Says Just Casually She Took The Shower Because She Felt Like Taking A Bath. Angad And Kabir Comes. Santo Tells Them That She Is Feeling Like Something Is Wrong With Amrita. She Tells Them That She Took The Shower At This Time. Then They Goes To Her Room And Sees Her Crying So Much For Karan. She Is Telling Him That She Only Loves Him. Next Day, Amrita Is Feeling Lost. Kabir And Pritam Brings Rasmalai For Everyone. Pritam Ask Nagad To Call Nimmo Also. He Says That Everyone Will Eat Together.

Angad Goes To Bring Nimmo. Nimmo Says That She Is Not In Mood To Come Outside. Then He Tells Her That Amrita Has Cried So Much Last Night And Now One Knows The Reason. He Says That They Are Trying To Lighten Up Her Mood. He Ask Her To Come With Him. Amrita Is Not Eating Rasmalai. Pritam Ask Her To Eat Amd Says That He Bought This Rasmalai For Her Because She Likes It. Amrita Gets Angry And Says That She Don’t Want To Eat. She Ask Him To Never Bring Anything For Her And Goes Away.

Nimmo Sees This Behaviour Of Amrita And Tells Angad That Amrita Doesn’t Want To Talk To Her. On The Other Hand, Meera Gets Jealous When Her Other Colleague Brought Lunch For Kabir. She Ask Her To Go Away And Gets Angry. Kabir Ask Her What Happened? She Says That She Likes It When He Is Around Her, She Likes His Presence. She Tells Him That She Misses Him When He Is Not Around Because She Loves Him. Kabir Ask Her What Rubbish Is She Saying? Meera Says That Love Happens With Telling Anyone. Kabir Goes Away From There.

Amrita Is Drying The Clothes. Prit Goes To Her And Ask Her Why Didn’t She Ate The Rasmalai. He Says That She Likes Rasmalai And Now He Knows That She Is Upset With Him. Amrita Ask Him To Let Her Go. He Says That He Wants To Know The Reason. Amrita Says That Karan Was Like Her Boyfriend More Than Husband. He Loves Her So Much. She Tells Him That He Likes Kids So Muc But She Is Not Able To Tell Him That She Is Pregnant With His Child. Pritam Says He Knows All This And Why Is She Telling Him This Now? She Says That She Is Telling Him This To Let Him Know That Karan Is There Between Them.

Precap – Sukhbeer Tells Pritam That If The Last Rites Of Karan Have Been Done Then It Get Ready For Everyone To Move On. Later Pritam Brings The Ashes Of Karan For Everyone As A Gift In The Dress Of Santa Claus.

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