Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th December 2021 Written Update

Kabir And Angad Are Discussing About Amrita. Kabir Says That They Will Handle Their Mother But Right Now They Need To Cheer Up The Mood Of Amrita. Angad Says But How Will They Do It? Kabir Says That They Should Go Somewhere Outside. He Says That They Should Go To Eat Ice Cream. Angad Says This Is A Nice Idea. Amrita Is Thinking About What Nimmo Said To Her And Is Crying. Sukhbeer And Santo Comes And Tells Her That Ansh Is Looking Very Cute In The Dress Of Santa Claus.

They Saw Her Crying And Tells Her Why She Is Thinking About Nimmo. She Is Like That And Soon She Will Get Normal. He Says That They All Are With Her. Then Mahad And Comes And Ask Amrita To Get Ready. They Say That They Are Going To Eat Ice Cream. Amrita Says That She Is Not In Mood. He Says That She Have The Group With Them. Kabir Says That To Get Small Happiness In The World They Have To Eat Ice Cream. Amrita Laughs At Him. Then She Gets Agreed To Go With Them.

Sukhbeer Says That He Will Also Come With Them. Kabir Says That Old People Are Not Allowed. Then They Bring The Ice Cream To Home And Eats At The Terrace With Pritam. Kabir Says That They Should Have Eat This In Ice Cream Parlor And Have Enjoyed The Christmas. Angad Ask Him To Shut Up. Kabir Says That Amrita Get Convinced To Eat Ice Cream When They Told Her That Pritam Is Alone And They Should Give Him Company. Amrita Ask Him To Shut Up And Says That She Said Yes For Them. Then Kabir And Angad Goes To Bring More Ice Cream.

Pritam Talks To Her About Ansh. He Then Tells Her That She Looks Good When She Is Happy Otherwise She Looks Arrogant. He Tells Her That She Deserves All The Happiness. Angad Comes And Says That He Is Right. Angad And Kabir Try To Explain Amrita That She Can’t Stop Living And Accepting Happiness In Her Life Because Of Karan. He Says That They Also Mourn The Death Of Karan But They Will Accept The Happiness Which Comes In Their Life. Kabir Tells Her That She Should Get Married Again. Amrita Says That It’s Not Important That A Woman Needs A Man In Her Life To Get Happy.

Pritam Says She Is Right It’s Not Important But Everyone Is Asking Her To Stay Happy And To Move On. Amrita Tells Him That She Don’t Need His Advice. She Tells Everyone That It’s Her Life And She Live It With Her Own Terms And Goes Away. Pritam Ask Kabir And Angad To Give Amrita Some Time Because It’s A Serious Matter.

Upcoming Story- UD Says That He Needs To Meet Amrita To Get That Diary From Pritam Then He Will Kill Him. He Goes There And At Night One Of His Mangoes To Snatch That Diary From Him And Pritam Gets A Cut From The Knife. Amrita Goes Upstairs After Listening To Some Noise.

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