YRKKH 23rd March 2022 Written Update

In today’s episode; Akshara runs and meet Abhimanyu at the OT. Arohi cries. Abhimanyu informs Akshara that Manjiri is saved. Akshara gets happy. Anand inform that Manjiri is under observation. Mahima says only one stage is clear and actual condition of Manjiri will be decoded post she regains her consciousness. Abhimanyu agree with Mahima. He says once the culprit will be caught he will not spare the person.

Abhimanyu says he will kill the person. Arohi walks out from the place. Mahima decide to wait with Manjiri. Abhimanyu asks Mahima to go home as he will stay with Manjiri. He decide to change. Akshara asks Mahima, Parth and Anand to go home. She informs Suhasini has sent food for them. Mahima says to Akshara that it wasn’t needed as house has helpers that look after the family if Manjiri is not available. Akshara gets upset.

Anand and Neel side Akshara. He says they will eat the food later. Mahima gets angry. Akshara looks for Arohi. Arohi inform that she is going home. Akshara decide to go with Arohi. Arohi asks Akshara not to irk her and come home back later. Parth gets a call from Shefali. Shefali inform him that she has go for the live coverage. Parth gets angry on Shefali for giving priority to her work only. Both argues with each other. Parth compares Shefali with Akshara. Shefali gets upset.

There, Akshara comfort Abhimanyu and put him to the sleep. Abhimanyu while sleeping says he will not spare the person who tried to harm Manjiri. Akshara walks out from Abhimanyu’s room. At Goenka house, Akhilesh and Swarna decide to postpone Abhimanyu, Akshara’s engagement until Manjiri gets well. Swarna says Manjiri’s culprit should get good punishment. Arohi sit stunned.
Manish and Akshara comes back home.

Akshara says Manjiri is Abhimanyu’s whole world and it will be good they postpone the engagement. Later, Arohi goes to the accident spot to check if it was her car that bumped Manjiri. She hide and seeks the restricted area. Arohi gets shocked learning it was her car that bumped Manjiri. She escape the place.
Akshara learns that Manjiri is stable. She looks for Arohi. Arohi comes back.

Akshara inform Arohi that Manjiri is stable. She adds the one who is culprit will not be spared. Akshara meet Abhimanyu and enquires about Manjiri. Abhimanyu says it is important day for Manjiri. Akshara, Abhimanyu decide to postpone their engagement. Arohi decide to hide accident truth from everyone. [Episode Ends]

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