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The episode starts with Akshu telling me to go to the washroom. She goes. Abhi asks what happened to Akshu, where did you get her? Harsh says she has weakness, I came over and saw her, I took her to the doctor, she is fine, talk to her. Abhi receives a distress call. Manjiri asks him to go, she is here. Abhi asks Harsh to send him the recipe. He leaves. Akshu says how can I not tell Abhi when this finally happened, maybe it is Kanha’s wish that I tell him, we will handle it together, I will go and tell him the truth. She calls Abhi. Manjiri says he went to the hospital for some work, do you want anything. Akshu says nothing. Manjiri says call me if you need anything, rest. Akshu goes.

Neil says nothing more positive than this positive report, I will laminate and frame this report, I will be with you at all tests and checks. Aarohi says no, I’ll tell you if I need you. He says this is most imp, tests will be done at Birla hospital, I will be with you. She says Preeti is a gynac, if I consult her I will feel more comfortable, she is our lucky charm, she told us this news. Neil says no, we will not discuss this. Abhi waits for Harsh’s message. He gets the call from Manish. Manish asks how you are. Abhi says I am fine, Akshu feels down. Manish says I have heard the conversations of Manjiri and Suwarna, only the women know this feeling, we don’t know Akshu’s grief. Abhi says yes, she is in a lot of pain, I wish there was something I could do. Manish says anything that gives her hope of becoming a mother can give her peace of mind. Abhi thanks him and says I will call you sometime. He says hope… Akshu keeps the peacock feathers and the anklet. She says it is special news, I will pass it on to Abhi in a special way. Abhi says hope, we can adopt a child, there is no risk. Akshu decorates the flowers. Jaaniye…plays…

Harsh asks Manjiri what this is. Manjiri says it’s kada, I’ll take it for Akshu. He says you gave me this kada when I was unwell. She says yes, you used to be fine. He says this is strong, this is not necessary. She says it will work, it has no side effects. He says that the hair will not stand in this condition. She asks what do you mean. He says she has a weakness. She says we spent a lot of time together, you are hiding something, what happened to her, I feel it’s true, is she for real…. He smiles and nods. She asks if she is pregnant. She remembers Abhi’s words. Abhi comes home. He asks: is Akshu okay, what happened, why are you worried. Harsh says we’re fine, she’s better too, go meet her.

Abhi says I’m sure Akshu will be happy. He enters the room and sees the peacock feather decorations. She gives him the bouquet. He asks her what all this is. She says: sit down, we come up with something all life, it happens easily, without asking us. He asks what do you mean. She says you were not interested in love and marriage but you fell in love with me, okay we are busy planning life sometimes life plan for us.

He asks her to say. She gets poetic and draws a heart on his face. She says a little baby is coming home. He got scared. She smiles. She asks him to think carefully. Manjiri cries and says if we don’t understand then we should be happy or worry, we don’t know what they are going through. Abi is crying. He says Akshu, if something happens to you, I was preparing that we can’t become parents, I was not ready for this, I know it’s good news, but your condition, what are we going to do. She says relax Abhi, breathe… it happened now, life plans for us, we have to face this, I am also afraid of the risk, but we have discussed this before. She explains to him and hugs. He says sorry dear, sorry Akshu, I can’t change my decision. Akshu says don’t make a decision so quickly, take time to think and understand. He says we don’t have time, the risk is great. She says you can’t do this. They claim. He says no please. He goes. Akshu cries. Manjiri watches and cries. Manish and Suwarna come. Manjiri says we wanted to talk to you. Manish asks if Aarohi did anything. Manjiri says no. Harsh says it is about Akshu and Abhi. Manjiri asks them to sit down. Aarohi thinks to tell Neil. She says she doesn’t know how Neil will react. She sees Akshu crying. Akshu gets a jerk and asks Aarohi to see and walk. Aarohi says you walk carefully. Akshu says sorry, I should have paid attention. She holds her belly. Aarohi makes you think.

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Abhi says your life is not only yours, we need to make an appointment for the procedure. She says I can’t do this. Akshu says I want to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the last time. Akshu and Abhi hear the heartbeat and cry. She asks what happened. He says it’s two heartbeats. They laugh.