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The episode starts with Abhi arguing with Harsh. Akshu watches. Abhi says I am a doctor and also her husband, I have also done research. Anand says we don’t want to take any chances either, but we can’t stop the treatment. Abhi says we take a risk when it comes to the patient’s life, I will not risk her life to age. Harsh says we can talk to medical specialist. Abhi says I’ve talked to every top specialist, they all said there’s a risk, thanks for the concern, but no risk. Anand says you were ready to take risks at the time of your hand. Abhi says I’m not taking any chances for Akshu. Harsh says a child is born because of mom and dad, it has to be a decision of both parents, not just dad. Abhi goes. Akshu goes to Abhi. He tears the papers. She hugs him. She explains to him. He says I can’t lose you. She asks if you won’t regret not becoming a father. He says my decision will not change, nothing is less for me than you and your life. They have a moment.

It is morning, Akshu and Abhi are playing with their baby. The alarm goes off. Akshu wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping. Abhi also wakes up. He asks what happened. She says nothing, you sleep. She thinks it’s a beautiful dream, Kanha ji, it’s in your hands. Abhi asks: are you daydreaming, it was recorded today, you rocked yesterday, killed today, is there any tension. She says I will do my best. She comes for the recording and sees the same number Maa. She remembers her dream. She calls someone opens the door, I want to go outside. The man asks what happened. She runs away. The man calls Abhi. He says this didn’t happen, someone should have told me that if Akshu wasn’t okay she left the recording and walked away. Abhi asks what happened. The man says she also left yesterday, she can sing well, she can’t sing a simple song, it’s a beautiful song about the relationship between mother and son. Abi is crying. He leaves to find Akshu. Akshu runs on the road. She becomes dizzy and falls under a tree.

Aarohi gets her reports. Aarohi asks if it’s like I wanted. Preeti says yes they are fake reports, we both could be in big trouble if anyone knows about this. Aarohi says I am doing this to solve the problem. Harsh asks the doctor to check Akshu, she is his bahu, he knocked her out on the way. He says this was the nearest clinic, so I brought her here. He’s going to pay. Aarohi passes by and doesn’t see them. She thinks I should do this drama until I actually get pregnant. Her reports fall. Akshu regains consciousness and sees Aarohi leave. Abhi says where are you Akshu. A peacock feather falls over Abhi and Akshu. Akshu asks how I got here. Doctor says you passed out on the way, your father-in-law brought you here, he’s outside, I checked on you, you’re fine, don’t worry.

Doctor says relax, it’s good news, you are pregnant. Akshu asks what, it’s not possible for me to get pregnant, check again. Doctor says I checked, you are positive. Akshu gets happy. She says you have internal injuries, you may have complications, the good thing is you know, watch out, you need proper medical care. Akshu says don’t worry, my family is doctors. Doctor asks her to provide nutrition during pregnancy. Harsh overhears this and asks some. Doctor asks him to come in. Akshu nods to Harsh. He blesses her. He says we should tell this good news to Abhi and everyone. Harsh says not sure if he will be happy or not, I had a medical breakthrough. She says I know, I had seen and heard it too.

Abhi gets the call from Akshu. He asks where are you, are you okay. She says yes, I’m coming home. He says your conductor called me and said you’re not well. She says I’m with Harsh. He asks where did you meet him. She says I’ll come and tell you. He says thank god she is with Harsh. He ends the call. Harsh says he doesn’t know how he will react. Akshu tells me to share this with Abhi. He says you can tell him after meeting with a specialist. She asks how can I hide such a big thing from Abhi. He smiles. They come home. Abhi also arrives. He says you didn’t tell me, that you are not well, where did you go. Manjiri comes and asks Akshu about it. Akshu asks where you got this peacock feather. Abhi asks her to say. She says I….

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Akshu poetically tells Abhi the good news. Abhi is shocked. He says that your life is not only yours, we need to make an appointment for the procedure. She says I can’t do this.