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The episode begins with Abhi comforting Akshu. They hug and cry. Suwarna comes to Manish. Manish says we raised the girls together, even then they are so different, Akshu can’t be a part of Aarohi’s happiness, Aarohi doesn’t tolerate Akshu’s happiness, this is not fair to Akshu and Abhi, everyone would expect Akshu to get happy for Aarohi , how can anyone forget their own grief, I’m afraid Aarohi would hurt Akshu more by showing her happiness. Suwarna says don’t think so. He says someone should think for Akshu. She says Akshu and Abhi will deal with each other, we will deal with them if necessary. Aarohi says we need to plan the baby’s room, we need neutral colors. Neil says we are excited about the baby but we can plan later, Abhi and Akshu are dealing with a great tragedy. She says our happiness is great too, it’s our first baby. He says we have to wait a while. Manjiri and Shefali watch.

Manjiri says sorry, I accidentally heard you, Aarohi is right, it is a special experience to become a mother, the sadness is greater when you cannot become a mother. Akshu says we will celebrate happiness to reduce the sadness, thank you Neil, you think a lot for Abhi and me, we should value happiness more. Abi is coming. Akshu shows the colors she has chosen for the nursery. Abhi says I’m so proud of you, for doing what I could never imagine. She says I chose the designs. Aarohi says I’ve already picked out the designs, they’re the best. Abhi says your phone is ringing, you have a recording. Akshu says I forgot. Manjiri asks her to go, they will handle it. Abhi and Akshu go. Neil asks Aarohi to get ready, he will come for the check. Aarohi says no, it’s a simple blood test, Neil has to come next time. He says I’m ready to come even this time.

Abhi says we know each other’s condition, we don’t need to hide it, tell me a joke. Akshu says I’m a singer, I can sing, don’t say a joke. He tells a joke. On the way, they have a conversation. He asks her to come along and sing cleanly. She goes. The conductor asks her if she is feeling down. She says no. He says do your best, it will be a great loss if it doesn’t record well. Akshu says we will begin. She asks about the text. She gets the papers. Aarohi says yes, Neil, blood work done, I will see the doctor and tell you. Nurse says your reports have come in, hold on. Abhi says it is good for Abhi to sing otherwise she will go crazy thinking about that. Akshu sees Maa song written. The man asks are you ready, we don’t have time. Abhi says she said this song is imp I hope she sings well. Akshu cries. The man asks her to sing. She says sorry again. Aarohi says I don’t know when the doctor is coming, I’ll see the reports. She checks her report. She scares.

Akshu starts to sing. She remembers Aarohi’s words. The man asks what happened, focus, where is your attention. She says really sorry, shall we try again. Aarohi says I’m not pregnant, how come? She calls Preeti and says reports show I am not pregnant, you said I am pregnant, we also did tests at home. Preeti says it’s okay, sometimes false alarms happen, so I asked you to get blood work done. Aarohi says what I will tell at home how will I tell them I am not pregnant. Akshu stops singing and cries. Abhi is waiting for her. Manjiri brings him tea. She asks if Akshu has not come. He says she sent a message saying she left the recording studio, she said she’s coming, I’m trying to keep things normal. Manjiri says yes, she will understand her pain and explain herself, music has power, I feel she needs music therapy. He says yes. He sees Akshu. Aarohi says I was ahead of Akshu in this thing, she always stayed number 1, I can be number 1, she’s not in the race, I just have this chance, I can’t miss it, thank God, no one saw this reports, Preeti know, she will keep the friendship. She calls Preeti and says I need a favor, please don’t refuse. Neil is coming. She says you’re here, you had a meeting. He says I ended it quickly to spend more time with you, show me the reports. She says no. Abhi asks if the recording went well. Akshu smiles and says ask my smile, it was good, I felt good. Manjiri says come, I will make you tea. Akshu becomes dizzy.

Aarohi says my reports will come by evening, these are someone else’s reports. Neil says I’ll talk. She says no, I don’t want any special treatment. He says ok show me the reports when the time comes. She says this problem is caused by Preeti, she has to help me. Suwarna tells Manjiri about the GathSanskar for Aarohi’s coming baby. Akshu says I’ll feel weird if Neil and Aarohi don’t do this rasam because of me, don’t worry there’s no problem. She gets sad.

Harsh comes and says a groundbreaking article has appeared in the magazine, the risks related to Akshara’s problem can be reduced to a great level, check whether this can help Akshu’s case. Abhi tears the papers. Harsh says light can come into the house if the window is open. Abhi says you don’t go into this. Akshu watches. Manjiri asks how to tear the papers. Abhi says I don’t want any risk for Akshu.

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The man says someone should have told me that if things didn’t go well with Akshu, she left the recording and walked away. Akshu faints. Abhi is looking for her. Doctor says you are pregnant. Akshu is surprised.