Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2022 Written Update

Nishtha asks Arohi and Abhimanyu to dance. Arohi asks where Abhimanyu is. Abhimanyu is going to bring Akshu from her house, while she thinks about getting into a taxi and then tells everyone that she got stuck in traffic. Abhi enters her house on her bicycle and tells her that he wanted to take her on horseback, but that now she is her sister-in-law, so she brought her bicycle. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go with him, he says that they might not marry, but that they will definitely share the pain of not having love. He forces her to sit on the bike and tells her that she will not commit without her presence.

While Arohi searches for Abhimanyu, Akshu dances and Abhimanyu joins her. Arohi remembers that she asked Akshu not to dance, as she will take away the prominence from her. Akshu takes Arohi to dance alongside Abhimanyu, and then the whole family joins them to dance. After the dance, they both go to the corners. Akshu wipes his tears, Neil comes from behind and Akshu gets uncomfortable in front of him, tells him that she doesn’t need to explain anything because she knows what she feels. He says, but what he doesn’t understand is why she and Abhimanyu are doing each other.

The engagement begins and Manjuri brings the ring and asks Abhimanyu and Arohi to come on stage. Suvarna says that first Abhimanyu will put a ring on Arohi’s finger. Abhimanyu puts the ring on Arohi’s finger, then Manjuri cannot find Abhimanyu’s ring. Akshu rechecks the box and finds it under the velvet cushion. She gives the ring to Arohi. Arohi is about to put the ring on Abhimanyu’s finger when she sees a wound and everyone is concerned. He says that while he was dancing he was hit with a lamp, and has a flashback of hitting a bowl and hurting himself.

Suhasini asks Adohi to put the ring on his other hand, Arohi does so and everyone claps. Nishtha says that now they should take a photo with the couple. As Akshu worries and tells Nishtha that Abhimanyu’s first injury must be treated, Manjuri says that she was also thinking the same thing. Abhimanyu tells her not to worry about her as he is fine and a doctor so he will treat the wound after the photo.

Arohi thinks to herself that when everything is perfect, there is something that has to go wrong in her life. She wonders if Abhimanyu knowingly hurt herself, then she ignores that thought and tells herself that she shouldn’t think negatively.

Precap: Neil shows Abhimanyu the video of him hurting himself and tells her that if he doesn’t tell Manjuri about his feelings, she will. Kairav ​​tells Ajshu that it is his fault that he kept quiet even after knowing his feelings for Abhimanyu, but now he won’t.

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