Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 5, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with everyone sharing their happiness about Aarohi’s good news. Aarohi says thank God I got this good news before big drama happened why Abhi and Akshu don’t say anything they can all get mad at me. She asks if you are both okay, you don’t respond. Neil says their reaction is as it should be, no reaction, even I was shocked, but you have come now, happiness is complete, it will be full Dhamaal now. He takes Abhi and Akshu to Aarohi. Aarohi says you were upset, you got this news here, are you happy. Akshu hugs her and smiles. She says I am very happy. She hides the anklet. She says my relationship is double, I become Maasi and Tai, my happiness is also double. Dadi asks Suwarna to fend off Aarohi’s bad eyesight. Suwarna says that Akshu always does. Manjiri asks Akshu if you want to do it. Akshu says yes, I will ward off bad eyesight from Aarohi and her baby. She fends off the bad eyesight. Manish says so much happened, Aarohi did a lot but Akshu forgot everything and did her duty. Kairav ​​says yes, she knows how to maintain relationships. Manjiri laughs and thinks Akshu is with Aarohi in her happiness. She asks Aarohi to give Akshu neck.

Aarohi hugs Akshu and asks what you want. Akshu says you would think I will tell everyone, you blackmailed Abhi, I will not tell anyone, you must promise, you will not tell anyone about my condition, if you think of playing with Abhi’s position, then . .. asks Shefali what asked Akshu in neck. Aarohi tells me not to tell his sisters’ secret to anyone. Akshu will get what she wants, I promise. Dadi asks them to always be together and happy. Manjiri says yes, we will distribute bhog in the temple tomorrow. Everyone gets happy. Shefali says Shivansh has a baby partner to play with. Vansh says we’ll take a group photo. He takes a picture of them. Akshu cries. She goes away and cries. Neil stops Abhi for a photo. Abhi is worried. Aarohi says thank you for not telling everyone about me, I won’t tell anyone, I’m sorry, I know I’ve done a lot. Abhi says I hope you are sorry, thank you and that pregnancy is true, it is not a new drama. Aarohi says no, my friend Preeti is a gynac, she confirmed that I am pregnant. Abhi says congratulations, stop chasing us, play games with your baby, nothing should happen to Akshu or I will burn everything, I can’t trust you, you will have another chance because of your baby. Aarohi makes an announcement. She says Abhi gave this bike to Neil Neil and I can’t ride the bike now so it’s now a return gift to Abhi this bike is yours you and Akshu have a lot of memories you both create more memories with this bicycle, thank you and Akshu, I will return the bicycle to make you believe. Neil hugs Abhi. He says now you are entitled to this bike, take the keys back. Suwarna says Manjiri ji there is one rasam left. Manjiri says we should do the rasam, both Akshu and Aarohi will get the rasam. Neil asks about rasam.

Suwarna explains the rasam. Manjiri asks Abhi to go call Akshu. Abhi remembers their words and goes to Akshu. Akshu says Aarohi is pregnant, I can forgive her for bothering me, but I will never forgive her for blackmailing you, I am not jealous of her. He says I know, you are really good. She says you would think she’s lying again, like the hit drama, but be it, we’ll end this chapter. He says yes, I explained it to her, if you have a problem because of her then I have no problem. She hugs him and cries. Manjiri and Suwarna cry happily. Manjiri says when I found out about my pregnancy, I waited for Harsh to come, he got mad, I waited three days to tell him, when I had to tell him, then…. But today I am happy after many years. Suwarna says I was pregnant in Shubham’s time, but I couldn’t tell anyone. I was Kartik’s stepmother, I am living happily now. Manjiri hugs her. Manish and Harsh see their wives and wish them luck. Akshu says everyone would think where we went, we should go down, come. Abhi says you have to sit in rasam with Aarohi to get blessing. They hug and cry.

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Aarohi does the rasam. Manjiri says it’s Akshu’s turn to become a mother, I wait for Akshu to come running and tell me she’s pregnant. Abhi asks Manjiri to stop it. Manjiri asks the question. Akshu says we can never become parents.