Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th February 2022 Written Update

Akshu Gets Emotional And Says To Her That They Will Be Stronger Together, They Do Their Childhood Handshake. Kairav Sees Them From Outside The Room And Gets Tears In Her Eyes. Arohi Says To Her Not To Overdo It Now. Akshu Then Video Calls Abhimanyu And Jumps Up And Down And Says Tk Him That She Is Very Happy Today. He Says To Her To Stop Jumping As She Will Falkland He Won’t Be There To Catch Her. She Says To Him That She Is So Happy Today That She Doesn’t Mind Falling Today, She Tells Him That Arohi Has Forgiven Her And Decided To Move On. She Then Blows Kisses To Her, And He Asks Her To Receive Them So He Can Come To Her House. She Gets Shy And Ends The Call.

Neil Says To Abhimanyu That Arohi Had A Change Of Heart And He Is A Little Doubtful Of Her, And Leaves. Abhimanyu Says To Himself That If Arohi Has Really Changed Her Heart Then It’s Good Or Else He Has To Be Careful. He Receives A Call From Anisha Again, He Says To Her That He Is Not Going To Meet Her Again As When He Came In The Morning She Didn’t Tell Him Anything. He Says To Her That She Has Tk Remember That The Decisions She Makes Will Also Affect The Birla Family. She Tells Him Something Which Makes Her Angry.

Harshwardhan Tells Everyone About Akshu’s Resignation And Makes Fun Of Her Qualifications. Abhimanyu Goes Inside The House And Breaks A Showpiece And Says To Anand That With His Blessings Today He Is Leaving The Hospital. He Says To Harshwardhan That He Always Insults Akshu Even After Knowing How Much She Means To Him. He Says He Will Finish His Surgery For Today.

Neil Calls Akshu And Tells Her That Abhimanyu Has Left The House In Anger And Given His Resignation And He Needs Her. He Tells Her That He Is Right Now In The Hospital. She Goes Outside The Hospital And Sings For Him, He Gets Pulled Towards Her And Rests His Head On Her Shoulder And Feels Relaxed. She Asks Him If He Will Not Feel Sad To Leave The Hospital. He Says He Will, As He Has Spent The Most Of His Time In The Hospital And Dreamed Of Being The Doctor There.

He Says But He Feels More Mad When He Hears Someone Talking Bad About His Loved Ones. She Says To Think Again, He Says He Is Still A Doctor And Is Only Leaving The Hospital. She Then Kisses His Forehead And He Teases Her, And They Share A Moment. His Alarm Rings And He Tells Her He Has A Surgery, She Asks Him To Leave.

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