Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 4, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi getting mad at Aarohi. He sees that Akshu is gone. He runs to see. Akshu runs to a place and remembers Aarohi’s words. She’s crying. Abhi looks for her and cries. Aaron is worried. Neil says you sweat, why. Aarohi says I feel uncomfortable in this dress. Neil says your friend is waiting. Preti greeting. Aarohi runs to puke. Neil tells what happened to her. Anand asks for Abhi and Akshu. Manjiri says I don’t know, I’ll see, has something happened because of Akshu and my conversations. A lady sees her baby gone and screams. Akshu and Abhi see the baby in danger. They run to stop the pram. Akshu sees a speeding car. The lady runs to save her baby. Akshu yells no. Abhi overhears her and calls Akshu. He asks her to be careful. Akshu and Abhi take the baby out of the pram. The car hits the car and takes off. Akshu asks if you are okay, dear. Abhi asks if you are okay. She says yes, check the baby. He says he’s fine, you saved him. The lady comes and takes her baby. She asks if something happened to you. Abhi says I am a doctor, I checked him, he is fine. The lady thanks them for saving her baby. Akshu cries.

Manjiri is worried at home. Akshu says no one will call me Maa now. She cries a lot. Abhi consoles her. He tells us to keep courage. She says your heart would be so hurt why did you carry this alone. Abhi says I was scared. Akshu says you were hurt, I wasn’t with you, I’m sorry. She hugs him. They become sad and remember everything. Akshu says this is just the beginning. Abhi says it will be difficult to deal with this. She says we should live life as it is. He says yes, we must tolerate, there is no choice. Akshu hugs him and cries. She says we shouldn’t leave each other, I’m always with you. He says I’m always with you. They become sad. Abhi takes her anklet and gives it to her. They hold hands and walk home crying. Soone soone…plays… Akshu says we don’t see our family breaking. Abhi says it’s a long journey. She says she doesn’t know what will happen. They enter the house. They see Neil and Aarohi. Neil runs and hugs Abhi. Suwarna says it’s a big thing, where did you both go. Neil says you get promoted to Tau and Tai, Aarohi is pregnant. Abhi sees Akshu.

Prior to:
Aarohi does the rasam. Manjiri says it’s Akshu’s turn to become a mother, I wait for Akshu to come running and tell me she’s pregnant. Abhi asks Manjiri to stop it.