Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 31, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi worrying about Manjiri. Harsh says you are worried so you called me daddy don’t torture yourself Manjiri won’t be alright if you are worried you have two responsibilities of a son and a doctor take care go home and get some rest from. Abhi says no, I’m not going anywhere. Harsh says our worry about Manjiri is normal between us, you need to get better, it’s my promise, I’m not getting out of here, she’ll ask for you when she wakes up, take a rest.

Abhinav says I took you to the girls hostel because you didn’t want to go home, don’t hit me. She asks why you are so annoying why are you helping me. He says because… She says because you’re a nice man. He says I also needed help in life, I had no one so I help everyone. He gives her some money. He says, keep this as a loan, you can give me the money back whenever you want, don’t feel pressured, I’ll help you, no favors, I don’t want anything in return, please for the sake of the baby.

She takes the help. He thanks her. Abhi grabs Shivansh and hugs him. Shefali comes and asks him to have food. She says I fed Aarohi too, she is better now, I am with her, but Akshu is alone. He says I don’t want to talk about her. The girls see Akshu and comment. Akshu feels sick. The director asks if you are pregnant. Shefali says, listen to me. Abhi says I will not listen to her. She says Suwarna called, she is not with her family, she is missing. He says she called me in the morning, she’s not missing. Abhinav asks how you took her out, she is not well. The director says she didn’t tell about her husband, the father of her baby, the hostel has some rules and standards, we don’t know who she was. He says you are a guard, not a judge, how can you think anything about anyone, you don’t understand humanity. He is worried about Akshu. Shefali says you didn’t ask her where she is. Abhi says she has a habit of running away. She says you angrily divorced her and asked her to go, your decision was not right. Abhi says what she did was not right, I don’t want to talk about her. She says I understand your pain, I’m afraid both of you will be alone all your life. Akshu talks to her baby. Some goons tease her. Abhinav is looking for her. She sees a group of girls and joins them.

The police come there. The girls run away. The female cop catches Akshu and scolds her. Abhi thinks of Akshu. The inspector scolds the girls. Akshu says I am from Udaipur, the daughter of Goenkas. He asks: don’t be ashamed, shut up. Constable questions her. The inspector challenges her. Abhinav comes to the police station. He falls down. He says sorry, you move on, it’s fine. He sees Akshu crying. He says you work hard to protect us, I greet you, why did you bring her here. The inspector says she is doing illegal work. Abhinav scolds him.

The inspector says you say if… Abhinav shouts she is my wife, you know she is pregnant, you brought her here in this condition, how dare you, I will not tolerate this. The inspector asks if you are making stories to save her. Abhinav says here is the proof, check the hospital report, she is pregnant, if I tell this in the media, you will lose respect. He says I went to get fruit, you went out, the doctor asked you to rest, I will never leave your hand, come. The inspector returns the report and says you can go. Abhinav says don’t scold me or hit me, I did a good job from your man, I know I’m talented.

Dadi and everyone are crying. Abhi comes home. Suwarna scolds him. He asks where Akshu is. Dadi says we don’t know anything, you told her bad things so she left. Suwarna asks how to talk about divorce in this condition. Abhi says I know you are mad at me. He is sitting and drinking water. He says divorce is like that, I lost, what could I do, I tried my best to walk together, but…. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t protect my brother and babies, mom is in the hospital, she won’t listen to me. Manish gives him another glass of water. Abhi says if she had agreed with me this would not have happened. He is crying.

Prior to:
Manish asks Abhi if you want to come with me. Manish visits Akshu’s friend. He talks to her. Akshu overhears Manish. Manish says Akshu did not come back with me, you are not made for each other.