Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Akshu imagining Abhi with her. She says I don’t want to leave you. He says I feel hurt when you are hurt. He asks her to drink water. She sees the man in front of her and says I don’t want your help. He says you passed out on the bus, so I brought you here, your phone broke, I fixed it, but it won’t go any further, I couldn’t inform your family, take the sweet lime juice, it’s nice, stand not up, where are you going. He calls the doctor. He says she regained consciousness, so I called you. Doctor says ok but you don’t have to yell please go outside. The man asks him to feed her the fresh juice.

Mahima informs Abhi about Manjiri. Doctor says, don’t be careless in this tricky situation. She says I’m fine. He says your condition is weak, sorry if you are not careful your baby can’t survive. She remembers the doctor’s words. He says your pregnancy isn’t easy. She scolds him. The man hears her scream. He’s going to get the medicine. Akshu says my babies left, I had a miscarriage. Doctor says I don’t know your medical history, you may have had twins, one of the twins is still alive. Rohan says Sir you haven’t eaten anything you will get weak please take something first Neil then Manjiri and now you I can’t see you on the patient bed what happens to us if something happens to you take this please for the sake of Manjiri. Abhi hugs him and cries.

Rohan goes. Abhi eats the chocolate. Akshu asks the doctor again. Doctor says I am not saying this without any confirmation, one of your babies is still alive, such miracle cases have also happened before, one of the twins survive. She cries happily. He asks her to drink water and relax. She checks her phone. It says it is off, it has no battery, I have the charger, I will send it, please relax.

She says Abhi, our baby is alive, I have good news for you. Abhi gets the call from Aarohi. She asks how Manjiri is doing. He says she’s fine. Manish says Kairav ​​checked CCTV footage, Akshu was in Pathankot bus. Suwarna says she may have randomly boarded that bus. Manish says she had a friend there. Dadi says yes, Priya. Manish says to find her number. Suwarna asks him to have a bp tablet. Manish says my daughters are in this condition. Akshu says my baby. She calls Abhi. He is called for an emergency. He runs to Manjiri. Mahima treats Manjiri. She asks Harsh to hold Manjiri. Akshu calls again. Manjiri gets angry when he sees Akshu’s call. Abhi does not attend the conversation. Mahima says we should keep an eye on her. Abhi takes his phone and goes outside. He answers the call and asks why are you calling me, what’s left between us. She says there’s something left, listen to me, it’s about our baby. He says I lost my babies because of you, never call me again, now you’ve left my life, never come back. He hangs up and throws his phone away. She cries sadly. The man approaches her. She angrily hits him.

Nurse asks Akshu to sign the discharge papers. The man gets her the sandwiches. He says you didn’t tell your name so I kept your name Anchal, I’m sure your name will be better. He says I didn’t tell you my real name my real name is Abhinav what is your real name. He’s talking to her. He says no one has so far scolded me like you do. She is sad. He says someone gets mad when you miss the family, your phone breaks, not your bond with family, take my phone and talk to the family. She says I have already spoken and got the answer. He says we get angry if someone hurts as an answer, talk to someone else, waiting for your answer, I have a request, don’t break my phone out of anger. She says I don’t want to talk to anyone, please don’t annoy me. He says okay, I don’t want to get beaten up. He asks her to have the sandwich. He says there should be a balance in life, have the food for the sake of your baby. She eats the food.

Prior to:
Shefali says that Akshu is missing. Akshu says I will take care of the baby. She is caught by a police officer. Abhi asks Manish about Akshu. Manish says I’m going to Pathankot to get her, come with me.