Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Abhimanyu is in problem

Akshara arrives at the house at the beginning of the episode. She sees that no one is there.. When she asks the housekeeper where everyone is, he tells her that everyone has gone to work. Before Aarohi arrives, Akshara thinks she needs to tell everyone where she was. Abhimanyu is here, too. Aarohi’s actions today are still fresh in Abhimanyu’s mind. It is impossible to be a great doctor if you can’t control your emotions.

Aarohi notices Abhimanyu pointing at her. Abhimanyu comes home next. Akshara tries to convince Manjari that she asked her to prepare for the birthday party. Manjari tells Akshara that she only wants to see him happy. His pain is caused by Akshara, he says.

Harsh arrives there ahead of me. He and Shefali inform Manjari and Abhimanyu that Ruby has accused Abhimanyu of molesting her. Manjari is shocked at the news. Manjari insists her son cannot do such a thing. Her son asserts that he knows this. But the world doesn’t know this. To prove Abhimanyu’s innocence, they need concrete evidence. Neil tries to claim that Akshara was there and that she can prove that Abhimanyu did nothing wrong. He is not allowed to tell Abhimanyu anything.

It is Akshara’s turn to tell everyone about her visit to Birla Hospital. Aarohi arrives at the same time and informs everyone that Abhimanyu has been charged with molestation. Abhimanyu is a terrible boy, Manish thinks, and such a thing is possible for him. Neil tells Abhimanyu that they should let everyone know Akshara was there and she can prove that he is not guilty. Akshara is unwilling to help Abhimanyu.

Akshara tells Manish that Abhimanyu is not guilty. She had seen what Ruby had done. Manish and everyone are astonished. Manish asks what she had gone there to do. Akshara says that they will talk about it later, right now they should try to save Abhimanyu. Manish clarifies that there will be no talk about Abhimanyu in this house from today onwards. Akshara gets sad.

Neil further informs everyone that the news has spread. Harsh says angrily that he had told Abhimanyu not to talk to Ruby rudely. But he did not listen to him and today it happened. Abhimanyu tells him that she was trying to come close to him. He asked her to leave then she threatened him. He adds that if they cannot take care of this matter, he will take care of everything. Tauji tells Abhimanyu that he should remain calm.

Later Akshara calls Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu picks up her phone. Akshara doesn’t say anything. Abhimanyu understands that it is Akshara. Further, Akshara disconnects the phone without saying anything. Manjari comes to Abhimanyu and says that Akshara can help them but he refuses. Because he doesn’t want Akshara to be slandered. While Akshara thinks of helping Abhimanyu.

Precap: Harsh learns that Akshara knows everything. He wants to take Akshara’s help but Abhimanyu denies it.

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