Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi saying leave me alone for a while. Manish says we go home and take care of Akshu. Manish and Suwarna leave. Parth says it’s happening wrong. Shefali says we don’t know when she left. Mahima says she always leaves like this. Anand says she shouldn’t have left like that. Mahima says we should focus on Manjiri and Aarohi. Suwarna calls Akshu. She says she’s not answering. She calls Dadi and asks if Akshu came home, what, she didn’t come, call me when she comes. Manic worries. Akshu walks on the road. A truck rushes towards her. It will pass.

Abhi takes care of Manjiri. He asks her to calm down. She blames Akshu. He says sorry, I made her do this. He thinks of Akshu and Neil. Manish calls the dance academy and asks about Akshu. He says she is not there, where did she go. Dadi says she’s been torn apart by the accusations, she doesn’t know where she is. Akshu sends them a voice message asking them not to worry about her. They cry.

Akshu gets on a bus. She apologizes to Manish and says I don’t want to bother anyone, watch out I’ll take care of myself. Dadi becomes dizzy. Manish holds her. Dadi cries for Akshu. The bus conductor asks where do you want to go, say so. Akshu says I don’t know. He asks if you have money or not. She says no. He asks driver to stop the bus, she has no money. He asks her to take another bus. A man pays for her ticket. He says let her sit. The conductor goes. The man says it’s strange, everyone suspects if we help. He asks Akshu to rest her head over the window and sleep. He says I don’t know your problem but sometimes you need to take a break in life, have a nice trip.

She thinks of Abhi and gets sad. Yeh Rishta… plays… Shefali comes and knocks on Abhi’s door. He runs and steps over Akshu’s bracelet. He gets injured. She says something happened to Manjiri come quick. Akshu wakes up and yells no. the man asks what happened, are you okay, sit down. She asks how I got here on this bus. He says you were lost yesterday, the last stop will come in a while. She asks him to stop the bus. He asks her to sit down. She asks why are you helping me? He says I’m a good man, I have no better reason, take water, sit down. She falls into his arms. She faints. He asks the driver to stop at a hospital or clinic.

Abhi brings Manjiri to Birla Hospital. Mahima stops him. The man takes Akshu to the hospital. He says I’m afraid of injections, you’re a doctor, it’s your job, is she okay, she passed out and I got her here, I met her on the bus, she’s a fellow passenger, so I got her. Doctor says you’re not related to her. The man says that life does not let anyone meet for no reason, we have a relationship of humanity. Doctor says let her regain consciousness, we’ll talk later. The man asks if there is anything serious. Doctor says no, she is fine. The man asks what is your story that has made you so distant from the family. Mahima says stay here, I’m going in. Abhi cries and says I can’t lose mommy. He hugs Harsh and cries.

Prior to:
The doctor asks Akshu to take care of her otherwise her baby cannot survive. She says I had a miscarriage. He says one of your twins is still alive. She calls Abhi to tell the good news. Manjiri and Abhi see her call.