Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi comforting Manjiri. Shefali asks him to please go to Akshu, she is not well either. Abhi remembers Neil and cries. He comes to the room. He sees Akshu crying. He hears Neil’s audio and gets mad. He says Neil will never come back why are you listening to him now. She says I’m sorry, I don’t know…. I wish this didn’t happen, we lost our three kids. He says only because of you, this destruction has only one reason, that is you. She asks him not to say this. He says you don’t want me to say anything, did you see mom’s condition, it’s because of you, Neil died because of you, we lost the babies. He scolds her. She says I had stomach cramps. He says I know, you went to the doctor, why didn’t you come back home, why didn’t you go to the concert hall. She says those girls needed help. He asks if this was the only way to help them. She says I tried. He says you didn’t wait, the police came, you could have waited, you went there to fight the crooks, did you forget that you are pregnant, your pregnancy is already complicated, you forgot the promise that is to me done, you risked everything. She says no, the situation was different. He asks why don’t you listen to me.

He says Neil died, what was his mistake, how are you going to justify that, the babies left us, how are you going to justify, you promised to take care of your babies. He throws things. She asks him to calm down. He asks why. He says you always do this because of your adamantness, I told you not to do this, I told you not to interfere in our family affairs, you promised me and then intervened, you left me to save me, you were adamant . She says no. He says you still don’t accept your adamantness, I told you not to get involved with Aarohi’s fake pregnancy, believe me what did you do, the bad time started that day, it’s all over now.

She asks him to listen. He says no, you don’t listen to me, why should I listen to you, the problem is you don’t listen to me, why. He throws things. She asks him to stop. He argues. He asks how you face yourself, Aarohi always says you snatched her mother. She says I didn’t do anything. He says I don’t know anything now, I lost Neil and babies, you don’t accept it even now, maybe something similar happened, it’s my fault, I should have understood you’re like that, not just 3 people died, 9 people died, all relatives, this family is my responsibility, I failed in that. He says enough is enough now, I pay a high price for this. He signs the divorce papers. Akshu is shocked.

Manish comforts Harsh. Harsh asks how should I tell Neil I loved him. Suwarna and everyone talk sadly. Abhi says you will always realize my mistake, I will not lose my mother because of you, I will not fall into my crosshairs. He gets angry. Manish asks if we can take Akshu for a while, Manjiri and Aarohi blame Akshu for this, Akshu also lost her babies.

Shefali says I will get Akshu. Abhi says that Akshu has left. Anand asks what. Manish asks where she went. Suwarna asks if she went home to meet Dadi. Abhi says I don’t know. Manish says she would have told you. Abhi says she left me and this house forever now we are not together we are divorced. Manish asks what. Abhi says it’s true. He remembers Akshu signing the papers and breaking her mangalsutra. She leaves.

Prior to:
Akshu meets someone on the way. Shefali asks Abhi to open the door. She says something happened to Manjiri come quick. Abhi rushes Manjiri to the hospital.