Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2021 Written Update

Manish Comes With The Family To The Party. He Says To Harshwardhan That They Came Because He Requested. Harshwardhan Thanks Him For Coming, And Has A Flashback Of Anand Telling Him That Abhimanyu Is The Future Of The Hospital And If He Gets Angry And Takes Wrong Steps It Will Cost Them A Lot And They Should Also Not Keep Bad Blood With Goenka’s As They Are Also Influential People. Goenka’s Join The People To Dance. Akshu Thinks To Herself And Thanks God That Everything Got Better.

Akshu Leaves To Drink Water. She Takes A Rest On A Pillar And Abhimanyu On The Other Side. Both Of Them At The Same Time Feel The Other’s Presence And Check To See Each Other. Akshu Pulls Herself Out And Returns Back To The Party. Her Dress Gets Stuck In The Tree, She Pulls Her Dress Out And The Photo Falls From It To The Ground. A Kid Asks Abhimanyu’s Help To Tie His Lace, He Picks The Photo And Gets Emotional And Then Looks Over To Akshu.

Akshu Speaks To An Intern Who Wants To Join Her Sessions. She Invites Him To Her Session For The Next Day. Abhimanyu Comes And Stands Behind And The Intern Gets Scared And Says He’s Not Interested In Music And Leaves. Akshu Turns And Finds Abhimanyu Standing, She Says To Him Why He Scared Him Off. She Asks Him What His Problem Is. He Asks Her If She Doesn’t Know What Is Going Inside Him And That He Can’t Focus.

Neil Before The Goenka’s Leave Gifts Akshu And Arohi. Manjuri Says To The Goenka’s To Let Bygones Be Bygones And Move Forward In Their Life And Focus On The Wedding. Anand Says They Will Make Sure What Happened Doesn’t Repeat. Manjuri Says That Arohi Has To Come To Their Home And Choose A Ring. Manish Before Leaving Says To Harshwardhan That Akshu Wasn’t The One Who Told Him About The Dates It Was From The Minister’s Office He Found Out. Harshwardhan Apologizes To Her For Misunderstanding, She Says He Doesn’t Need To Apologise.

Next Day, Akshu Calls Out Arohi’s Name, But She Mumbles Worrying About The Photo. Akshu Asks Her What Is Going On And She Tells Her That She Is Fine And She Is Feeling Lost Because She’s Excited For Her Engagement. Akshu Tells Arohi To Remember That She Has To Visit The Birla House To Choose A Ring. Arohi Asks Her To Come Along As She Has More Understanding Of Such Things. Akshu Says She Cannot As Every Time She Goes Something Wrong Happens And The Blame Comes To Her. Arohi Insists And She Says To Her That She Will Ask Manish’s Permission.

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