Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Akshu crying and trying to drink a glass of water. Abhi comes and feeds her the water. He asks Suwarna to bring Akshu upstairs. Akshu says I don’t want to go. Suwarna asks her to come. Akshu refuses. Everyone is crying for Neil. Aarohi asks him to get up. She says this is cheating, open your eyes and see what I have for our baby. Manish comforts her. Abhi thinks about Neil and cries. A man comes and says that this is Neil’s package. Mahima remembers Abhi’s words. Akshu also thinks about Neil and cries. Manjiri stops her and screams. She says Neil died because of you, I won’t let you keep flowers. Akshu says Neil is my brother, please let me meet him for the last time. Manjiri says no. Aarohi asks, didn’t you hear what mom said, go away, you snatched my mom and also my husband.

Manjiri says we should send him peacefully. Suwarna says don’t take away Akshu’s rights. Manjiri says don’t talk in between. Akshu says please. Manjiri pressures Akshu and says we lost everything because of you. Akshu cries. Manjiri says to ask her to please leave. Akshu goes upstairs and says sorry Neil. Akshu cries in her room. Neil’s audio message plays. He says I have a lot planned for my niece and nephew, I will become their favorite Chachu. She hears this and cries. She says I’m sorry, Neil.

Abhi comes home. Mahima calms down Manjiri. Manjiri cries and says I have to go to Neil. Mahima says she might have a stroke, we need to calm her down. Manjiri shouts that everything will be ruined. Akshu comes. Mahima asks Akshu to please go, if she doesn’t want Manjiri to die. Akshu goes. Abhi asks Manjiri to calm down. He says your only son is still alive, please calm down. Anand treats Manjiri. Manjiri says Aarohi used to say that Akshu snatched her everything, we never believed her, if I go through it, then I can understand, Akshu snatched everything from us, we lost all happiness, everything is over, how can she make such a big mistake, we lost the kids. Mahima says she is not right, Akshu went to the concert and risked Neil and her life, the police came, what was the reason to fight the goons. Shefali says look at Akshu, she wouldn’t have done this intentionally, she lost her babies. Mahima says I feel sorry for her, but it’s her fault, we lost a lot. Manjiri says it’s because of Akshu. Abhi hugs Manjiri and gets angry.

Prior to:
Akshu leaves. Abhi says we are divorced. Manish is shocked. She meets someone on the bus.