Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi and Akshu crying. Harsh comes and says Neil’s bp is dropping, come and do something, Abhi, I’m talking to you, Neil is dying. Abhi and Akshu are shocked. Abhi runs to Neil. Akshu also gets up to go. Suwarna comes to Akshu and says, please calm down, are you okay, your doctor told me, you are fine. Akshu says my babies have left me, I have to go to Neil, he can’t leave us. Suwarna says you need rest. Abhi comes to Neil. Everyone sees Neil and cries. Akshu prays. Abhi also prays for Neil’s life. Manjiri, Aarohi and Shefali are praying at home. Abhi says CPR. Mahima says we’ve done everything. Abhi says we’ll keep doing it until Neil responds. Mahima says it’s no use, Abhi. Abhi pumps Neil’s heart and asks him to listen. He asks won’t you listen to me, Neil, swear to me, you must get up, open your eyes. He beats his chest. Neil opens his eyes. Everyone gets happy. Abhi says I knew, you will listen to me, I’m here, don’t worry, I’ll handle everything. Akshu thanks Kanha ji. Abhi says relax, we’ll talk later. Neil cries. Akshu comes there. Neil says if anything happens to me, you have to take care of my baby. Abhi asks what do you say nothing will happen to you. Neil says as if you gave me love, give the same love to my child. Abhi says we will give him love, nothing happens, don’t do this, relax, breathe.

Neil asks Akshu to promise. She says promise. He drops his hand. Everyone is shocked to see him dead. They all cry. Kairav ​​says nothing will happen to Neil, don’t worry. Parth says I’ll call you as soon as I get to the hospital. The ambulance comes home. Manjiri says Neil has come. They all go look. Abhi gets out of the ambulance. Manjiri asks where Neil is. They are startled when they see Neil’s body covering with the white cloth. Hard goes along. Aaron is crying. Manjiri is shaken. she screams upon seeing Neil’s face. She says this can’t happen. She asks what is this, Neil is your brother, how did you let this happen. Harsh asks her to stop. Manjiri scolds Abhi. Abhi hugs her. Aarohi says Akshu couldn’t bear my happiness, you killed my husband, you took Neil to the concert. Manjiri gets angry. She says it was decided you wouldn’t go to the concert, you refused, then why did you go, why did you take Neil, see how he is. Suwarna asks her to calm down. Manjiri says this happened because of you. Akshu cries and becomes dizzy. Manish holds Akshu. Manish says if you lost your son, even Akshu lost both her babies, if your pain is great then her pain is too. Manjiri says that one wrong decision of yours has ended three lives. Abhi sees Akshu.

Prior to:
Abhi asks Suwarna to bring Akshu upstairs. Akshu refuses and says I want to be here with Neil. Manjiri scolds Akshu.