Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi Saying Mum Is Saying It, So Its Imp. Manish Argues. Akshu Says Listen To Me Once, You All Are Elder. She Explains Them. She Says Manish Can’t Forget That Our Safety Is Most Imp, Pandit Told Late About Shubh Mahurat But He Told It, There Is No Problem In Delay, The New Date Will Have Everything Good. Everyone Says Yes, She Is Right. Abhi Says Good, Akshu Handled Everything And Wants Things Normal. Manjiri Apologizes And Says We Will Do Puja Of New Cards, Reem Will Talk To Aarohi And Akshu. Vansh Says Sure, It Will Be Good. Kairav Looks At Him. Abhi Looks At Akshu And Goes. Jaaniye…Plays… Manjiri Replies To Harsh. Harsh Says Done. He Laughs. He Says I Was Sure That Manjiri Will Do This, She Doesn’t Know Why The Date Changed. Anand Says Be Careful, Abhi Can Know This. Harsh Says Its Better If Just We Three Know This. Akshu Sees Abhi’s Phone There. She Sees Her Pic On The Screen. Abhi Comes And Takes His Phone. He Removes Her Pic And Goes.

Abhi And Manjiri Are On The Way. He Says You Lied, Why. She Says No, New Mahurat Will Be Ready. He Says Don’t Lie, No One Has Interest In Puja, Who Is The Pandit Who Is Worried For My Marriage Mahurat, Harsh Did This. She Says I Don’t Want Anything Wrong. Akshu Says I Made Big Sized Card For The Function Tomorrow. Kairav Says Aarohi Will Leave Us And Go. Aarohi Comes And Hugs Them. She Likes The Card And Says I Love You Akshu. Vansh Says Just Love Your Sister. Aarohi Says No, I Love You All. They All Hug. Vansh Says Aarohi Will Go, Our Gang Will Get Weak. Akshu Says We Will Get You Married, Bhabhi Will Come Home. He Says No, Its Too Complicated, My Life Is The Best, We Have A Great Wedding Planner Like Reem. Kairav Says We Will Think About You Later. Vansh Hugs Him. They Laugh. Aarohi Gets A Message. She Thinks Online Test And Puja At The Same Time. Akshu Asks All Okay. Aarohi Says Yes, Nothing To Worry. She Says I Will Go Now, I Have To Shortlist The Dresses. Akshu Sees The Card And Cries. Her Tears Falls On Aarohi’s Name. The Paper Gets Spoiled. She Removes It To Make New Name Tag. She Pastes The New Tag.

Everyone Is At The Temple. Dadi Says Such Rains Today. Manjiri Says Yes. Anand Says Weather Doesn’t See Our Schedule. Harsh Says Abhi Is On The Way, Where Is Aarohi. Suwarna Says Aarohi Is Getting Ready, Akshu Made A Special Ganpati Card, She Is Going To Come In Another Car. Aarohi Says I M Outside The Temple, I Will Give The Interview And Run To The Temple I Can Say That I Got Late Because Of Rains. Akshu Stops The Car. The Tyre Gets Stuck In The Pit. She Gets Kairav’s Call. She Says I M Coming, Bye, I Will Go To The Temple By Walk, I Have No Other Option, I Will Ask Kairav To Take The Car Later. She Leaves. Manish Asks Where Are Akshu And Aarohi. Kairav Says I Should Have Not Left Akshu Alone. Mahima Thinks Is There Any Fate Game Going On. Aarohi Gets A Call. She Says Yes, I M Reaching. Akshu Loses Her Umbrella. Abhi Comes And Covers Her With The Plastic Sheet. He Holds Her In Arms. Jaaniye…..Plays… They Have An Eyelock. He Says Relax, Just The Box Got Wet, The Card Is Fine. He Says I Was Going By Bike, Rains Started, I Saw You And Came Here. He Takes Her. Kairav Says I Will Go And See Them. Aarohi Says I Have Come, Sorry, But I M On Time. Mahima Asks Where Are Abhi And Akshu. Akshu Stumbles. Abhi Holds Her. They Walk To The Temple. Everyone Looks On.

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