Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode opens with Neil and Nishta asking the people to make a toast. Everyone makes a toast. Harsh says I feel happy that Abhi and my bond have become strong, I am happy. Neil says our baby is coming, so cheers to that. Aarohi says it doesn’t go well on the first try, I’m glad I got a second chance. It makes them all happy. Akshu goes to Manjiri and calms her down. Abhi says I have imp surgery, I didn’t think I should go. Akshu calls the man and says sorry, I can’t come for a concert, there is an emergency, don’t cancel it. Neil says I’m going with you. Akshu says no Neil, I doubted, Abhi said he will come with me, I’m not going now, we promised each other. They laugh.

Neil jumps on Abhi. Abhi asks what do you want. They talk and smile. Neil asks him to get samosas for Aarohi. Abhi asks if you really forgot or just pretend to be happy. Neil says I believe in forgiveness and forgetting, I have a happy family, she’s trying to change herself. He shows the toys. He says I feel like dad when this is around. Abhi asks him to have a great life. Neil says you treat me when I stumble. Abhi says I’m always with you. Akshu and Aarohi watch and smile. Neil says you get samosas right. Abhi says yes, I won’t let you disappear anywhere.

Akshu hugs Abhi. He says sorry, you keep your promise, but I don’t. They have a sweet talk. Abhi says I’m going now. he hugs her. She asks what happened. He says I don’t want to leave you and go away, I know it’s a matter of a day, Mum and Neil are home, but I feel something strange, I wouldn’t have gone today. She says you think a lot, I have a solution. She stumbles. Abhi holds her and worries.

He removes the carpets. It covers the edges of the furniture. Akshu says it’s okay, come. He says promise me you won’t leave until I get back. She says it’s too much. He says I know, it’s a matter of one day, I’ll be back or else I’ll get stressed, please stay here and relax here, promise me. She promises. They cuddle. Neil comes and in between says sorry to say, I want to promise I will take care of Akshu, I will not let Akshu go out of the room. Abhi says it’s decided that everything will be fine. Neil asks Abhi to come, Mahima is waiting. He goes. Akshu gives her bracelet and says this is our lucky charm, it will always keep us together. Abhi kisses the babies and Akshu. They hug and make a heart sign. Akshu prays for the family. It’s morning, Akshu wakes up. She does not see Abhi. She misses Abhi. She gets busy. Abhi calls her and asks about yoga and meditation. She says you forgot to say good morning. He says good morning, be careful. She says I will send you a message, go save the patient’s life. He says, don’t leave the room, rest. Aarohi asks: are you going to the hospital, I thought you were coming to the temple, sorry, you are going. Neil says you can say anything, we won’t let our baby feel incomplete, sorry, I have to go to the hospital for urgent work. She asks if you want to walk with me. He says 100%, I will come. He goes. Abhi asks why this feeling doesn’t go away.

Prior to:
Akshu receives a call from NGO girls. They ask her to help. The girls are kidnapped. Neil comes to the rescue and is stabbed. Akshu calls Neil. Abhi holds his heart. He got scared.