Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 22, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Akshu asking Neil and Abhi to see for themselves. She shows the reports and says that Aarohi is really pregnant. Neil says she would have mixed the reports. Abhi says yes, she does this and plays with our emotions. Akshu says my gynac sent these reports, the doctor said she is pregnant, she didn’t have Aarohi’s number, so she called me, Aarohi also wanted to tell me, she is really pregnant, the doctor also sent ultrasound reports. Aarohi is waiting for Neil and thinks I should tell her about my pregnancy. Akshu and Abhi explain to Neil and ask him to think carefully before making a decision. Aaron is worried. Neil says she cheated on me, she made a mistake, but I can’t punish my baby, I want my baby, I can’t lose my baby, I was so happy to know I’m going to be a father, I stay with Aarohi unwilling . They go for the puja. Harsh asks Neil why he is lost. Neil says no, all right. Neil and Aarohi are in the puja. Manish prays for them. Manjiri says Abhi will do the puja today. Abhi plays the shaft. They all pray. Abhi ties the kalava to Akshu’s hand. Aarohi also gives her hand. He ties her the kalava. Aarohi says you told Neil about my pregnancy, he would never have believed me, thank you for holding the puja, I got my husband and family back.

They all have candy and are celebrating. Neil and Aarohi cut a cake. They pose for the photo. Yeh Rishta….plays…. Akshu and Abhi wake up in the morning. They wish and bestow on each other. They check the presents. They see the same gift and smile. He says stars always protect us, this shining star will remind you that I care for you. She says this star will protect you. They cuddle. The family comes and wishes each other a Merry Christmas. Akshu comes in a white princess dress. Abhi comes and says I am a reindeer. They all laugh. They have a conversation. Shefali is called. She says Santa Claus is not coming, how will the photo shoot happen now. Aarohi comes as Santa Claus. Shefali says how Santa came. Aarohi says the staff told me that Santa can’t come, so I became Santa. Abhi takes the picture of Neil and Aarohi. Shefali says perfect, we will take many group photos, I wish you a Merry Christmas. They all take pictures. Neil goes to Aarohi. He thanks her. Akshu and Abhi watch. Abhi says I just hope Neil stays happy. They all have the drinks. Nishta says I prepared the drink to toast. Abhi applauds for Akshu’s concern tomorrow. Manjiri is worried.
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Abhi says promise me you will not leave the room until I come. She promises. Neil and Akshu witness the girls being kidnapped. The henchmen stab Neil. Abhi holds his heart.