Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 21, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Abhi saying that Akshu will sing and stay happy, it will be good for babies. Akshu says yes, I convinced myself not to go, but the girls have come and insist, it doesn’t look good to refuse, Abhi is there for me. Manjiri says it’s okay, it’s your wish. Akshu agrees to the girls and hugs. Neil remembers Aarohi’s lies and cries. Harsh asks Neil what happened, take this pill for an anxiety attack. Abhi comes and says you don’t need a tablet, sit here, breathe.

Nishta asks Akshu about the present for Neil. Akshu asks if he said anything. Manjiri says we should also think about it, if you don’t want to help, fine, take a rest. Akshu says all this will make his heart hurt more. Abhi quarrels with Harsh. He asks him not to become a doctor, they cannot give this without a prescription. Harsh asks what happened to him. Abhi says I’ll handle everything. Hard worries and goes. Abhi calms Neil down. Neil says I don’t want to have a relationship with Aarohi. Manjiri says Neil said he doesn’t want a party, but I want to do something for him, so I got these woolen socks for his baby. Abhi comes to Akshu. Akshu asks when did you come. he says only now. They have a conversation. He says that we should not depend on anything, this stage takes on a special feeling, it hurts if it is not true. She says if you have to choose between me and babies then… Abhi says don’t think so. She says it’s a possibility. He says don’t say that. Manish shows the gift to Dadi. Dadi and Suwarna talk about Neil. Aarohi says I’ll go with all of you too. It is morning, Manjiri is preparing for the puja. Shefali prepares the bhog. Neil is coming. Everyone wishes Neil.

Anand says it will be another happy birthday when the babies come. Neil seems sad. Manjiri asks if you had a fight with Aarohi. Neil doesn’t say anything like that. Everyone asks Neil for any gift he wants. Manjiri says ask Goenkas where they arrived. Manish and everyone comes. Dadi wishes Neil a happy birthday. She blesses him. Everyone wishes Neil. Akshu says if Aarohi doesn’t come everyone will know his problems. Abhi is worried. Shefali and Manjiri ask about Aarohi. Manish says she went to her gynac for her checkup. Manjiri says the imp. Neil watches and gets angry. Manjiri says we’ll drink tea, come. Akshu calms him down. Neil says mommy did this puja, I want to tell everyone the truth. She says please don’t get angry. They see Aarohi coming. Neil gets upset and goes. Aarohi says I have something to tell you. Akshu asks her to leave her. Manjiri says Aarohi, everything becomes auspicious today. Akshu is called. Manjiri asks Aarohi and Neil to come for puja. Akshu receives a call from the doctor. She says you didn’t call for my reports back then… She asks what. Manjiri asks Neil to come for the puja. Akshu says wait, I forgot the puja items, it’s coming in 10 minutes, sorry. Harsh says it’s okay, we’ll wait. Manjiri says I’ll check the storage room sometime. Akshu asks Abhi to take Neil to the room for a leprechaun talk.
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Akshu says I have to share something imps, check this. Abhi and Neil are shocked. Neil says I can never forgive Aarohi for the cheat. Manjiri asks him to come for puja.