Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 20, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Aarohi crying and running away. Manjiri comes home from shopping. She’s excited. She sees Aarohi leave with the bag. She asks where are you going. Aarohi says I’m going to meet Suwarna, I miss her, that’s why. Manjiri says fine, Neil will leave you. Aarohi says Neil can’t leave me. Manjiri asks why he can’t drop you off at Suwarna. Aarohi says he went to the hospital. Manjiri asks Abhi to drop her. They leave. Akshu watches. Aarohi cries and asks Abhi to stop the car.

Abhi stops the car. Aarohi calls Neil. He gets angry and shouts: stop this drama, no one sees, I asked you, whether the pregnancy is true or not. She says I didn’t know it was a false alarm. He says you didn’t tell Neil the truth when you heard the false alarm, Neil is suffering today, I’ll never forgive you. She says trust me, I care about Neil, I feel bad. He says remember, Neil is crying because of you, I will never trust you. He sits in the car and presses the horn. They leave in the car.

Kairav ​​says to tell them we can’t come, they have to come to our office. He ends the call. Goenkas sees Abhi taking Aarohi home. Manish asks if Neil didn’t come to drop you off, is everything okay. Aarohi asks if I can come alone if something happens. Suwarna says no but is everything okay. Abhi says I just dropped her off, I’m in a hurry. He leaves. Manic worries. Akshu tells me to feed the babies even though I don’t want to. Abhi comes home. Akshu sees him. He goes to her. She says I tried to call Neil, but he didn’t pick up. He says he’s not talking, I tried to call. Akshu says we should spend more time with Neil, he really needs us right now. Abhi says I know, but he asked for a few days, we will give him his time and space. She sees the mark on his hand. He says it’s okay. She says it’s a silver object, the mark may never go away. Abhi says this wound will remind me today why did you say that to Aarohi. Manjiri asks them to come. She shows Neil’s birthday card. She says we will make his birthday the most special one. Abhi says I will ask him if he has a plan with his friends. Manjiri says fine, ask him and plan, as soon as the child comes, then the child will cut the cake, let’s let Neil cut the cake for the last time, everyone said we will celebrate Neil’s birthday well. Aarohi sends an audio message to Neil apologizing.

Akshu is worried. Abhi watches. Manish asks Aarohi if you were crying. She says no, I had a migraine, I applied the balm. She asks if Neil has come. Manish says no what’s up, I came to say about the sweets. She says nothing, I like sweets, I’m going to eat it. She goes. Akshu talks on call. She refuses to go to the event. Manish calls her. She takes the call and declines again. He asks what happened, Aarohi came back and Neil didn’t come tell me. She says I don’t want to sing at the event so I declined, my pregnancy is critical I said about it. Manish says don’t hide from me, tell me. She says she missed you all, I’ll come later too, be careful.

Manish sees Aarohi. Nell comes home. Abhi says I was tense for you. The family makes the birthday plans. Akshu comes and says take his viva, give him some time, he will tell you, then you make plans. Manjiri says fine, but we’ll do what we want. She asks about Aarohi. Akshu says I will talk to her. Later Akshu takes medicine. Abhi says I know you are taking good care of you, don’t stress yourself. She says I’m trying. Servant says few girls have come to meet you. Akshu meets the girls. She says I can’t sing at the NGO event. The girls ask her. Abhi thinks I will handle Neil and Aarohi’s case, Akshu should be distracted. Akshu asks what should I do, I feel good with music, but I can’t make it alone. Manjiri says please refuse for this event, children will not understand that this is not good for them, I will refuse them. Abhi says I think Akshu should go to this event.

Prior to:
Abhi explains to Neil. Neil cries and says I’m going to tell everyone I want to be separated from Aarohi. Akshu says if you have to choose between me and babies, then… promise me you’ll choose babies.