Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2022 Written Update

Manjari Stops Abhimanyu From Leaving The House. He Asks Him To Rest. Harsh Too Asks Abhimanyu To Take Rest. He Asks Him Didn’t He Realized He Is Consuming Alcohol. Abhimanyu Leave The Place. There, Kairav Asks Akshara Where She Is Going. He Asks Her If Anything Happened Last Night. Akshara Tells To Kairav That She Will Return Back And Will Reveal Everything. She Thinks She Will Clear Everything With Abhimanyu About Last Night. Abhimanyu Too Think To Clear Everything With Akshara. Akshara Bumps Into Arohi. Arohi Asks Akshara If She Disclosed Anything About Camp Fire To Abhimanyu. Akshara Asks Arohi To Let Her Go.

Abhimanyu Wait For Akshara. Akshara Meet Abhimanyu. Duo Tell To Each Other That They Don’t Remember Anything About Last Night. Akshara And Abhimanyu Feels Something Happened Last Night. There, Manjari Asks Arohi If Akshara Is Fine. Arohi Tell To Manjari That Akshara Left For Hospital. She Learn Abhimanyu Is At Hospital Too. Arohi Think Nothing Might Have Happened Between Abhimanyu And Akshara And She Is Just Overthinking. Here, Akshara Asks Abhimanyu To Focus On His Marriage. Abhimanyu Thanks Akshara For Making Him Recall About The Wedding.

Furthermore, Kairav And Arohi Promote ‘Atrangi Re’. At Birla House, Arohi Along With Birlas Choose Engagement Ring. Arohi Asks Akshara To Choose Ring For Her. Akshara Asks Arohi To Choose As It Is Her Engagement. Abhimanyu Come And Says Anyone Can Choose Engagement Ring. Akshara And Abhimanyu Dream Celebrating Engagement Together. Arohi Asks Abhimanyu To Check The Ring. Abhimanyu Says Whatever Akshara Likes. Manjari, Arohi, Neel And Others Stands Stunned. Akshara Excuse Herself From The Place.

Abhimanyu Meet To Akshara. He Asks Her To Prepare Dance For His Engagement. Akshara Says To Abhimanyu That She Will Not Dance. Abhimanyu Says To Akshara That She Has Given Much Pain To Him And Now It Is Time For Her To Bear Little. Akshara Decide Not To Dance. Arohi Asks Akshara Not To Dance As She Wants Everyone’s Attention On Her Engagement Day. Akshara Stands Mum. Arohi Looks For Her Mobile.

Harsh Learn That Picture Is Not Found. He Inform Arohi About The Same. Neel Overhears The Talk And Think What Harsh And Arohi Is Hiding. Afterwards, Goenkas Get Excited For Arohi’s Engagement. Akshara Recalls Abhimanyu’s Challenge And Decide To Do Something.

Precap: Abhimanyu Learns Akshara Isn’t Present At Birla House. He Calls Akshara And Asks Her To Reach The House Soon. Abhimanyu Think Without Akshara, He Isn’t Going To Perform The Ceremony. Birlas Learn, Abhimanyu Is Missing.

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