Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2022 Written Update

Akshu Notices A Wire Hanging Loose And About To Fall While She Is Flying The Kite With Abhimanyu. She Holds Him And Pushes Him Down And Falls Over Him. She Asks Him If He Is Fine. He Says Nothing Can Happen To Him When She Is With Him. She Says To Him Why He Always Sweet Talks. While They Share A Moment, An Old Man Notices Them And Screams At Them That They Are Creating Obscenity. Abhimanyu Says To Him That If He Doesn’t Like Roma He Can Look Away And Focus On Flying Kites. Both The Family’s Feel Embarrassed As Everyone Starts Passing Comments On Them. Akshu Says To Abhimanyu To Not Say Anything As The Family’s Are Also Here. Kairav Says To The People That They Have No Right To Pass Comments On His Family And Keep To Their Own Business.

Abhimanyu Says That They Will Not Apologize For Anything As They Are Not At Fault. Manish Says He Cannot Give An Explanation For The Incident But Wants To Apologize. He Says But He Wants To Make An Announcement That After Today There Will Be No Relation Between The Goenka’s And Birla’s, And Neither In Future Will Have. Abhimanyu Holds Akshu’s Hand, But She Removes It As Manish Sees Them.

Manish Comes Forward And Holds Akshu’s Hand. He Takes Her Forward Towards The Car. Abhcomes And Stands In Front Of Him With Folded Hands And Holds His Ears And Apologizes. He Ignores Him And Moves Forward And Puts Akshu In The Car.

Next Day, Akshu Makes Kachori For Manish. She Goes Outside His Room And Tries To Collect Courage To Go Inside. Kairav Comes And Asks Her To Give Him The Tray, As He Will Feed Him. He Goes Inside And Says To Him That He Has Brought His Favorite Kachori And Asks Him To Take A Bite. Manish Takes A Bite And Finds A Vhit Inside With A Message From Akshu, Apologizing To Him. He Gets Emotional And Says To Kairav He Feels Like Crying.

Harshwardhan At The Dining Table Bad Mouths About The Goenka’s. Abhimanyu Gets Angry And Says To Him To Not Bad Mouth His Future Wife’s Family, And They’re His Family As Well And He Shouldn’t Wish Bad Upon Family Members. He Leaves And Harshwardhan Blames Manjuri For Abhimanyu’s Behavior.

Kairav Drops Off Akshu At A Center Where She Can Practice Music. He Calls Suhasini And Says That Akshu Will Feel Better In Her Musical World. After Kairav Leaves, Abhimanyu Arrives. She Says To Him That He Shouldn’t Have Come As The Family Is Upset With Them. He Says He Knows That’s Why He Didn’t Go To The House And Came To The Center To Meet Her As He Remembered She Told Him That She Comes Here To Practice.

Precap- Akshu Gives Abhimanyu Her Resignation Letter. At The Same Time He Receives A Call From A Girl Named Anisha, Who Asks For His Help And Says To Him To Meet Her. He Leaves Akshj In His Cabin And Rushes, Harshvardhan Sees Him Rush Outside.

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