Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Harsh crying happily as he sees Abhi and Neil dancing. He thinks I can’t become the best brother, husband and father, but I will become the best Dadu. Abhi comes home and asks Akshu what happened, why are you shivering tell me. Akshu says Abhi, Aarohi is not pregnant. He asks what. She tells him everything. Abhi remembers Neil’s words. He says that Neil will get a big shock. She says yes, his heart will be broken. He promises to take care of this matter and hugs her. Abhi goes out and sits at the edge of the pool. Neil comes and sits down. He says I learned this from you, to put feet in water and sit down.

He says I made a list of baby names. Manjiri says I have the wool to make baby sweaters. Neil says I’ll select. Abhi asks if you are free. Neil says all right, I’ll come. Abhi says how shall I tell him. Neil selects the wool. Akshu watches. Manjiri says I know which wool is soft and which hurts. He says sorry, I want the best for my baby. She says I want the best for my kids, don’t worry, your baby will always be smiling. Neil hugs her. Aaron is coming. Neil says we should select color. Manjiri shows the designs. Akshu gets sad when he sees Neil and Manjiri’s happiness. Aaron performs. Neil says our baby and his life’s journey will be unique. Akshu gets angry on seeing Aarohi’s drama. Aarohi goes to her room and says that Neil is so excited about the baby. Akshu comes and scolds her for lying. She says you fell so low you lied about your pregnancy. She asks why you can’t keep it simple. Aarohi says I really felt that way, it was a false alarm. Akshu asks why you didn’t tell us the truth. Aarohi says both families accepted me and gave me love, your news didn’t come, I got ahead of you but you preceded me again, you had twins, I wanted to tell my truth, I didn’t want to lose, so I couldn’t say. Akshu asks if you are in this, do you have any idea what you have done.

Akshu scolds her. She says you get stuck in this, I was shocked when I knew you were lying. She asks what you will do after a few days. Aarohi says I don’t know, I declined for IVF. Akshu says you justify yourself. Aarohi says I’ll tell Neil everything my way. Akshu says don’t lie to Neil, he should know if you’re not pregnant. Neil hears this and is shocked.

Abhi comes and watches. Neil gets angry and breaks things. Abhi stops him. Aaron is crying. Neil leaves. She runs after him. Abhi says I asked you not to do this. Akshu says I felt bad. They hear Aarohi scream. Akshu sees the wool burning and extinguishes the fire. Aarohi apologizes to Neil. He scolds her. He says our relationship is over now. Abhi asks him to calm down. Neil says to ask her to stay away. Akshu says you listen to me. He says you asked me not to blindly trust Aarohi, she broke my heart and lied to me about pregnancy, she cheated. Aarohi says I accept my mistake. Neil says I don’t want to have a relationship with her. Aarohi says I’m sorry. Neil yells at her. Abhi says take it easy. Neil says you have to leave me. Abhi gets a nail prick in his hand. He says I’m fine. Neil says really sorry, leave me alone, I don’t want to talk. Abhi says take it easy. Neil cries and tells me to think what to do, I got her into the family. He cries and leaves.
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Abhi says I asked you about the pregnancy. Aarohi cries and says you won’t believe me. He scolds her. He asks Akshu why you told that to Aarohi. Manjiri asks them to come.