Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 18, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode opens with a doctor saying everything is fine. Akshu asks doctor to tell Abhi too. She calls Abhi. He comes and inquires about Akshu in concern. Doctor says everything is fine, her bp fluctuated due to knee injury. Manjiri asks Aarohi to do a check. Aarohi says it’s not necessary. Manjiri insists. Aarohi runs to puke. Manjiri asks if you are okay. Aarohi says I’m sick, I’m fine. Neil comes and panics in front of Aarohi. Doctor says I have to go now. Neil says I’ll have her checkup done by her boyfriend. Akshu thinks Aarohi is unwell or trying to be saved from scrutiny. Abhi takes care of Akshu. She tells her dreams and jokes. He makes her dreams come true. Shamma ko jaise…plays… She thanks him. He says you will soon see snow. Abhi and Akshu spend a lot of time. Preeti says I like this idea the best. Neil comes and asks about Aarohi. Preeti says this happens, nothing to worry about. She asks Aarohi to call her. She leaves. Neil says I thought the baby would be a part of our lives but the baby has become very imp, I dream of the baby all the time. Aaron is worried. Akshu comes to Abhi.

He tells us to think practically, we are blessed, we will never lack money, but we have to be careful. She says yes you are right I care and making future plans. He says yes, our babies will have a good return in 6 years. She says I’m glad I have you. They embrace and mutually admire each other.

Akshu is on call. Manjiri is worried about her. She says we went on a picnic and everything happened. Akshu says don’t worry, I won’t be careless, Abhi is in the hospital, I’ll talk to him when he comes. She says mango pickle, it’s my favorite. Manjiri says to have it later. Aarohi comes down. Akshu asks her to walk slowly. She asks to take care of her. Aarohi says I’m going for a checkup today. Akshu says Neil said Preeti came. Aarohi lies and goes.

Manjiri gets happy and says we will go, Neil said Aarohi is going to meet Suwarna. Akshu makes you think. The clerk gives the brochure of the IVF center. Akshu asks where did you get this? Abhi and Neil have a conversation. Neil says I want to give daddy’s love to the baby, my life gets a new start. I feel like I’m alive thanks to the baby. Abhi says don’t say that. They cuddle. Neil says I really can’t wait. Abhi says to be patient, it will take time. Manjiri says I have some work in the market, I just come. Akshu sees Aarohi there. She sees the IVF center and says why Aarohi is going there. Akshu says I hope there is no problem with her pregnancy. Abhi says you will be the best father, I will not differentiate between my and your children. Neil hugs him and says I love you, I’ll teach them how to hold you. Neil jumps up to him. They laugh. Aarohi says I can’t cheat on Neil, I can’t do IVF, I already feel guilty for lying that I’m pregnant. Akshu says poor Neil.

Prior to:
Akshu is crying. Abhi asks if you are okay. She says that Aarohi is not pregnant. He got scared.