Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 17, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode begins with Akshu continuing. Abhi is looking for her. Suwarna and Mahima ask for Akshu and Abhi. Manish says he went ahead and we don’t know anything about him. Suwarna prays. Akshu asks if anyone is there. She’s trying to get help. Abhi is worried and holds his heart. He turns and sees her scarf stuck to the tree. He’s gonna make it. Akshu becomes dehydrated. Abhi gets some berries and thinks whether to eat it or not. She sees the bitten berries and says parrots and birds would have eaten this, maybe it’s safe to eat. She eats it. Abhi sees the bloodstains and gets worried. He says no, nothing can happen to her. She passes out under a tree. The tree hangs down. Abhi says I’m close, don’t worry. He takes the other pieces of her scarf. She screams and prevents the bark from falling over her. Abhi hears her and says it is Akshu’s voice. He says I’m here, I’m coming. His feet get stuck under the stone. Akshu says no, my darlings…. Abhi says I’m coming. Akshu talks to her babies and screams in pain. She says: don’t give up, there is no option, just a little patience. She screams and pushes the bark aside. Abhi sees her and calls Akshu.

He runs and holds her. She hugs him. He asks if you are okay, something happened to you. She says sorry, I came here after a boy. He says I had seen that boy come back, are you okay. She says yes, I kept my promise and don’t let anything happen. He asks: if you are injured, you would be in pain. He says I knew nothing would happen to you but I got scared it’s fear what would I do if something happened to you. She says I’m with you now, you won’t be afraid of you. He says no, so proud of you. She says strength is strength. He says promise me you won’t go anywhere without telling me. She promises and hugs. Jaaniye…plays… She says we should thank God, Dadi told me about the temple here, that’s good for mommy and babies, shall we go, please. Abhi says we are going to get blessings first. Everyone returns home. Manjiri praises Akshu for handling it so well. Nishta says that Akshara has arranged everything, respect. Abhi says I called the gynac home for a checkup. Anand and Mahima like the picnic idea. Mahima says we should have a picnic like this once a month. Nishta and Parth joke. Everyone laughs. Akshu says we will reschedule. Shefali says you all set the spot. Anand tells me to listen to her. Mahima says I feel very light. Harsh says nice to hear that, we should all live the way we want, who knows we are all together or not. Abhi sees Manjiri sad and asks if there is a problem. She says nothing, don’t get me wrong. He says it’s okay, so to speak. She says whatever happened today it’s been dealt with, this shouldn’t have happened, it could have stopped, Akshu is wise and brave, if the good qualities become weakness then it’s a problem, fate was good that Lord saved her. Abhi says she will not break the promise. They all have a smile. Abhi goes to think and sees Akshu. Manjiri is worried and prays. She asks Aarohi to get her checkup done. Aarohi figures out what to do. Shefali looks at Akshu.

Prior to:
Akshu sees Aarohi leave from the IVF center. Aarohi says I already lied about being pregnant. Akshu overhears this and becomes concerned. She goes to Abhi and says that Aarohi is not pregnant, she is lying to everyone.