Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 16, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Manjiri going for the game next. She spins the wheel and reads the task, talks about your first love. Abhi and Akshu ask Manjiri to spin the wheel again. Manjiri says no need, we should talk about good things, when I saw Harsh for the first time, I realized that he is my first and last love. Akshu claps for her and praises her bravery. Everyone claps. Harsh sees Manjiri. The game continues. They all enjoy. Yeh Rishta kya…plays… Akshu asks Abhi to get her a guava. He refuses. She teases him and calls him a cheater.

Abhi says I’m not going. She says I wanted to eat it. Abhi says I will go. Suwarna says this is called true love. Neil says all the best, you will find the guava tree. Abhi goes. Dadi says I’ll go to the room and take some medicine. Suwarna sends her. Akshu connects to Abhi and says you don’t love me that much. Abhi says I’m going to get the guava, watch out, remember the promise. He goes. She holds the walkie-talkie on the table. She sees a boy running into the woods. She calls him out. She is worried and goes after him. Abhi gets the guava. He says that Akshu will be happy.

Abhi runs towards her. Akshu asks where that boy went. She calls him out. Everyone is looking for Akshu and are worried. Abhi says her walkie-talkie is also there. Akshu says I can’t find him alone, I will go back. She loses track. The boy comes to his parents and says I have my prom. Abhi asks if you saw a girl go in. The boy says no. Akshu says I didn’t notice, I came right into the jungle. Abhi says where are you Akshu… They all say she is nowhere, we checked well. Abhi panics.

He says she may have gone to the jungle, that’s the only area left. Manish asks them to inform the staff. The men also run after Abhi. Manjiri and Suwarna pray for Akshu. Abhi calls Akshu. Akshu panics and says where I entered from, I don’t know. Abhi gets her bracelet. He says where did you go. She falls down and hurts her head. She faints. He shouts. Mahima asks the staff to help them find the relative. The man says calm down, we’ll tell you, just relax. She argues with him. She says it’s your fault, you need to put up screens or directional signs. The man says there is a warning sign. Manjiri says please help find Akshu. He says I’ll find out and tell you. Kairav ​​says she is not there. Abhi says she won’t go too far.

Akshu opens eyes. She remembers Abhi’s words and gets up. Everyone is looking for Akshu. Anand tells us to go get help. Manish asks how we can go. The watchman says if you all get lost it will be a problem. Akshu sees the bleeding. She is worried and says my babies…. She screams. She sees her knee wound and becomes relieved. She says thank goodness my babies are safe. She takes the thorn out of her knee.
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Akshu says I feel weak. She falls down under a tree branch. Abhi says I will find you, Akshu. The tree branch falls down. She screams. He hears her.