Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 15, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Akshu saying his family photo, we just came and Kairav ​​and Mahima go back. Abhi says we can’t force them to stay. She says we’ll try to convince them, please. He nods. Manish says Mahima doesn’t want to see the truth, how can we purify her heart. Suwarna says that Abhi and Akshu were so happy. Aarohi thinks this picnic is canceled, I feel sorry for Kairav ​​but it’s good for me, I can plan something with Neil. She says we’re going home. Dadi says everyone was so happy. Manish says we can just expect a permanent fix. Kairav ​​gets on the bus. He sees Abhi and asks why are you sitting here. Abhi says I’m waiting for you. Mahima says please don’t try to stop me. Akshu says fine, give me 2 minutes, please come. She overhears Mahima Kairav ​​and Abhi talking about Anisha.

Abhi asks how you deal with the loss of Anisha, I wish she knew what you feel. Kairav ​​cries and says I loved her, my heart has gone empty, Anisha left but I’m still here, I couldn’t go on, I wish I held her hand, I’m just sorry inside me, I’m empty inside, I can’t explain this feeling to you, the police gave me a clean slate, but Mahima’s eyes say I’m to blame, since Anisha went, I die every day, I know I didn’t do anything, I tried to get her save, but I fail, I feel bad. He is crying. Mahima hears him and cries. Kairav ​​says I understand Mahima’s pain, I have the same pain, she holds me responsible for it, I want to share the pain, I also loved Anisha as she loved her, believe me, I wanted to make everything right, but I couldn’t t. Abhi says take it easy. Akshu says I thought you should know what Kairav ​​feels about you, it’s your wish. Kairav ​​sees Mahima. Mahima says the whole family came to have a picnic together, we will enjoy a picnic and go back together. Abhi and Akshu smile. Kairav ​​nods. Manjiri asks why Akshu called us. They all see Mahima and Kairav. They get surprised and smile. Suwarna says I think Akshu and Abhi convinced them. Abhi asks them to come and play. Akshu and Abhi say that matters will be resolved if we talk, come and play the game.

Manish goes to Mahima and smiles. Anand holds Kairav ​​and smiles. They all make the tomato sauce. Paint it red….play… They enjoy the game and splash tomato sauce at each other. Neil draws Aarohi and laughs. Anand says it was fun. Harsh says Akshu said it right, we like to do crazy things. Manjiri says it is a great benefit to come for a picnic. Manic jokes. Akshu says I would like everyone to stay happy. Akshu is hot. Abhi says I have something. He blows air at her. She says it’s too much, did you carry this fan for me? He says yes. Nishta jokes about his sweetness. He says everything for Akshu. Akshu says my legs hurt. Abhi shows the massage gun. She laughs and says I like to eat something sour. He gives her the sweets. She says too good, I’m sure you also have mouth freshener. He gives her. She says impressive. A box falls. Nishta asks what this is. Abhi says I have this for Akshu, good luck for our new journey. Akshu sees the two bracelets and says it is beautiful. Neil says you let her wear it now. Abhi lets Abhi carry it. They carry it.

Suwarna blesses them. Abhi says come and play the next game. Neil says it’s our new game. Abhi shows the huge wheel. Harsh says I know it’s some kind of wheel of fortune. Neil says we have two games, pass the pack and truth and dare, we mixed both games. Abhi says we should do whatever activity it points to, you only have 5 minutes. Abhi connects with Akshu. He asks Akshu how many points for the gift. She says 10 out of 10. He says I love you. She says it’s fun to romanticize in secret. She teases him. She asks him to go now. Abhi starts the game. Anand’s turn comes first. Anand gets a challenge. He gains confidence. Nishta asks Anand to tell Mahima I love you. asks Mahima seriously. Anand says it is not difficult. Mahima asks if you are serious about doing this, Anand. Anand gets a rose and gets down on his knees. He says I love you more than my stethoscope. Everyone claps. Manjiri teases Mahima. Mahima says I love you too and hugs Anand. Aarohi is asked to tell the truth. Neil says it’s a good thing daring didn’t come. Aarohi prompts him to ask. Neil asks her to break the news about her pregnancy. Parth says his boring question. Neil says yes, but I should know everything about her pregnancy. Shefali asks Aarohi why she is nervous as a pregnancy question is asked to a non-pregnant girl. Nishta asks if you have hidden a secret. Aarohi says there’s one secret, I get a lot of burps. They all laugh. Suwarna says it happens. Neil says there’s no need to hide it. Akshu says she looks so nervous, I hope she is not hiding anything. Shefali says I hope, I overheard her talking to someone on duty about my lie, she looked very nervous that day, I don’t think it’s right, maybe she’s hiding something.

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Akshu goes to rescue a boy. Abhi is looking for her. Everyone says, Akshu is not here. Abhi panics.