Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2022 Written Update

In today’s episode; Mainsh calls out Kairav. Akshara and Abhimanyu gaze at each other. Kairav confess that he knows Anisha and love her. He denies being her current boyfriend. Goenkas and Birlas get shocked. Anisha stand teary. Kairav says that he met Anisha at Goenkas jewellery store. They fallen for each other but now everything is over between them. Anisha asks Kairav not to say like that. Kairav says they need to tell truth to all. Abhimanyu asks Kairav to take a stand for Anisha. Mainsh asks Abhimanyu not to provoke Kairav. He accuse him for all the problem. Abhimanyu notices Mainsh holding his left hand. Mainsh and Abhimanyu argues with each other. Anand asks Abhimanyu and Manish to stop. He asks Goenkas to leave the place.

Kairav asks Birlas not to say anything to Anisha as she is not at mistake. Abhimanyu grabs Kairav’s collar and asks him why he is showing fake concern for Anisha. He add Akshara and Kairav is same they don’t take a stand for their love. Abhimanyu lose his cool on Kairav. Akshara stop Abhimanyu. Mainsh asks Goenkas to leave the place. Kairav takes Akshara with him. Abhimanyu wait if Akshara will look back at him. Akshara decide she won’t look at Abhimanyu. Anisha gets emotional and hugs Abhimanyu. Akshara think why every time she visit Birlas, she come out teary.

Anand and Mahima accuse Anisha for the drama. Abhimanyu tries to side Anisha. Anisha breaks out and says because of Anand and Mahima she ran out from the house. She claim if you are not a doctor no profession is valued at Birla house. Afterwards, Anisha faint. Abhimanyu and others get worried.

Manish tries to stop Kairav. Kairav refuse to listen to Mainsh or others. Akshara tries to stop Kairav. Kairav scolds Akshara and asks her not to interrupt him. Akshara gets sad. She too notice Manish holding his left hand.

Abhimanyu and Manjiri worry about Anisha. Manjiri correct Abhimanyu for hurting Akshara. There, Kairav feels bad for rudely behaving with Akshara. Akshara and Kairav apologize to each other. Akshara read Naira’s dairy for Kairav. Swarna and Suhasini gets happy seeing Akshara and Kairav’s patch. Akshara give Naira’s dairy to Kairav. He gets emotional.  Later, Abhimanyu sneaks into Akshara’s room. Akshara asks Abhimanyu what he is doing here. Abhimanyu makes an excuse and tell to Akshara that he observed a pain in Manish’s hand. He give medicine and asks Akshara to get Manish’s test done as he is in stress. [Episode Ends]

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