Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode opens with everyone getting ready for the picnic and leaving on the bus. Aale aale…plays… Akshu and Aarohi get the special seats. Abhi says sit down. They thank him. He asks everyone to come. Suwarna and Neil have prepared well. Manjiri says we have all the doctors with us. Suwarna says yes, such small things bring great happiness. Harsh thanks Abhi for the invitation. Abhi asks him to come. Mahima sees Kairav ​​and ignores. Abhi says Gorillas, I mean Goenkas and Birlas. They all laugh. Abhi says the driver will drive slowly, we will have a picnic, relax, enjoy. Neil says three cheers, hip hip hooray. Abhi asks are we ready, say out loud. Dadi says Jai mata di. They all smile and say yes.

Abhi asks if you are comfortable. Akshu says yes, I can’t tell how happy I am. Abhi says I will be near you all the time, promise me you will be careful. She says yes, please be near me, it will be fun, there is already good news, the whole family is there. Manish says doctors are boring, it’s a road trip, we should have music and dancing. Harsh says you’re challenging us. Manish says of course. Anand says Abhi, it’s about the respect of doctors. Abhi says we will show them what doctors can do. He sings Suraj ke baahon me…. They all sing. Mahima ignores Kairav. They reach the resort. Akshu says it’s something special. Dadi says there is an ancient temple near the lake, the beautiful, pregnant ladies used to come there for blessings. Harsh asks what all this is, so many bags. Manish says it’s our bags, I only have a few things, ladies have all of these. Suwarna and Dadi say we have few bags, they are Akhilesh’s bags. Akhilesh says just two days, it’s Manish’s bags. Harsh asks why you need all this. Manish smiles and asks him to see Abhi, he has the house on wheels. They laugh. Anand asks Abhi what all this is. Abhi says Akshu’s things, medicines, pillows and snacks. Mahima asks if we can go in now. Akshu says, go and freshen up in the room and come quickly, we have many activities. Mahima asks her to rest. Aarohi says I’m very tired. Abhi says activities will be fun. Akhilesh says we’ll have fun. Anand asks what those activities are. Abhi says it’s surprised, I’ll tell later, come. They all go.

They all see the tomato basket. Akshu asks if you want us to cut the tomatoes. Abhi asks them to think carefully. Harsh asks what we can do with tomatoes. Dadi asks to make soup or sauce for us. Abhi says right guess we will make sauce. They ask what. Akshu really asks. Anand jokes. Abhi says we make sauce to have fun. Mahima says no, I don’t want to do this. Dadi asks her to try. Mahima talks about blood she sees during operations. Dadi and Suwarna ask her not to talk about blood. Mahima says I don’t want to do it. Aarohi says it’s silly. She asks Neil if this is necessary, we go to the room and rest. Neil says it was your idea to get away for the weekend, we can enjoy here with everyone. She thinks I had another plan. Nishta says all chips have numbers, you have to make the sauce in pairs, whoever makes the best sauce wins. Manjiri and Suwarna love the tomatoes. Manish jokes and laughs. Harsh also jokes. They all laugh. They pick the chits. They make pairs. Abhi and Akshu form a couple. Dadi blesses them. Kairav ​​and Mahima get the same number. She says I don’t want to play these games. Kairav ​​stops her and asks why are you still mad at me. Manish says we should live in the present. She says I am not interested in these activities. Kairav ​​says I will get out of here, I can’t take so much hate. He goes. She says even I will get out of here. She goes. Akshu is worried.

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Abhi asks where Akshu is. He’s going to look. Akshu sees a child running towards the jungle. She follows. Kairav ​​says that Akshu is nowhere. Abhi is worried.