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The episode starts with Rohan joking about Abhi’s routine that’s why Akshu has run to her Maayka. Abhi says you say it again. Rohan goes. Abhi says I know they would pamper her. Kairav ​​gets Rasmalai. Akshu eats it. She gets the call from Abhi. She says he will say about routine. Kairav ​​answers the call saying that Akshu is sleeping. Abhi asks him to video call. Kairav ​​makes an excuse and ends the call. Abhi comes and takes the sweets from her hands. He jokes and eats the candies. Kairav ​​says it was her idea, I didn’t do anything. He goes. Akshu says I stay here, you cut my tracks, this Rasmalai is homemade. Abhi says don’t pull a puppy face, I didn’t come to take you. She says then take it and think it’s your own home. Abhi says yes so I have come to stay here. They all ask something. She really asks. He says yes, I am also like their son, thanks. Neil asks weekend trip. Aarohi says yes, we won’t get time later. He says it’s a good idea, you get some time to relax, so let’s go. She thanks and hugs him.

Dadi asks Akshu for laddoos. Akshu says it’s boring laddoos. Dadi says it’s healthy, eat it. Abhi comes and stops Akshu. He says that you have already had Rasmalai, you eat something all the time, the doctor gave you a feeding schedule. Dadi says it’s good for you to take care of her, these fry are healthy for pregnant women. He says I’m not saying your laddoo is wrong, but her case is complicated, we promised each other that we will follow the feeding schedule. Akshu says I will get annoyed if I always stop my heart, everyone is worried about me.

She explains. He says I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have let you come here. Manish asks really do you really think so. Abhi says I didn’t mean that. Manish says you think we can’t take care of her, you love Akshu, you are her life partner, we all love her too, why do you think we won’t take care of her, we are not doctors, we are not allowed to know that pregnant women care, but look at Maa, she raised us all, why do you think Maa will make a mistake. Akshu says Abhi didn’t mean that, he knows you all love me very much. Manish says it’s your personal business, but you decide what you want to do. He goes. Akshu and Abhi try to explain to Dadi. Dadi cries and says I understand that parents are very concerned about children, but the elderly are more concerned. Abhi says really sorry I am angry. Dadi says I know your intention was good. She hugs them. Kairav ​​says Manish is still hurt, you convinced Dadi.

Abhi hugs Manish and says sorry forgive me. Manish says leave me. Abhi says no, please forgive me, you are also a father and grandfather, you have experience, I am nervous, I am becoming a father for the first time, I am sorry, my intention was not wrong, believe me. Manish says don’t waste your time and energy. Abhi says you have not forgiven me. Manish hugs him and smiles. He says we know that you love Akshu very much, there is a difference between love and worry, you worry a lot, take care of her happiness, give her good luck, you will have a happy child. Abhi says I will remember this, I promise.

Manish says to take her home, but we also want to spend time with her, bring her here sometimes. Abhi thanks him. Manish blesses him and smiles. Abhi and Akshu are on their way. He plays music and says you like this music and I like you. Akshu says Manish’s scolding put you online. Abhi says I have no ego, what do you feel to do. She says I want to go on a family picnic, sorry, I forgot my condition, I’ll think of something else. He says yes, think. Neil notices the romantic decorations in the room. He asks what is all this. She says pregnancy doesn’t mean romance goes to naught. He says yes, but I don’t think it’s safe, we have to be careful. She says I know when to be careful. He says you should rest now, sleep. She says believe me, nothing will happen. He gets Abhi’s message. She says watch later. He says goodnight, I’ll be right over. He goes. She says I have to get pregnant before everyone knows my fake good news. Neil asks Abhi if Akshu is okay. Abhi says yes, is Aarohi okay. Neil says yes. Abhi says sorry to interrupt, I wanted your help with a plan. Neil asks what plan. It is morning, Akshu wakes up and looks for Abhi. Akshu and Aarohi get the gifts. Aarohi asks what. Manjiri also gets the gift and reads the note. Everyone reads the gifts in Birla and Goenka’s house. Manish asks if there’s anything he’s not doing. Akshu says I just told him and he planned everything, oh no, yes, but I don’t know how to react. She hears Abhi’s voice on the walkie-talkie.

She asks if you have planned the outdoor picnic. She says I’m sure you planned it well, you don’t always have to listen to me. He says I will think of your happiness. She calls him cute. He asks her to hold the walkie talkie, there will be no network there. They say I love you. Abhi says it will be fun now. Mahima asks what is this, we close the hospital and have a picnic. Anand says come on, we don’t have time to spend together. She says we are doctors. Abhi says everything is arranged, please come. Manjiri says you agree, it will be fun. Anand also insists. Mahima says okay, okay, come on. Anand asks if you call Harsh. thinks Abhi. Aarohi says I had a chance there with Neil, now I’m out of family planning. Akshu comes and asks if you are well. Aaroni argues. Akshu says everyone cares about you, I have anti-nausea medicine for you. Aarohi says I don’t have motion sickness. Akshu says you need it during pregnancy. Aarohi says I already have that with me.

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Abhi and Akshu enjoy the picnic. Mahima and Kairav ​​argue. He says I’m leaving from here.