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The episode begins with Harsh saying that we can become happy for our children as parents if not husband and wife, congratulations, for being Dadi ji. She says the same to you, to be Dada ji. Aarohi talks to Preeti about Akshu’s twins. She says she will be ahead of me again, how long will I do this drama and handle this lie. She throws a pillow. Shefali catches it. Aarohi says you… Shefali asks why you threw this pillow. Aarohi says you know the mood swings, sorry it happened to you. jokes Shefali. She says I have some books for you, read it, you will feel good. She thinks Aarohi was talking about a lie, I’ll ask her. She leaves.

Aarohi throws the books away. Akshu smiles upon seeing the peacock feather. Abi is coming. He stops her from stepping on a marker. She says I could have slipped. He says you have to be 200% careful, good girl. She says I want to be a good mom too. He kisses her and wishes us luck. She says I feel good now. He hugs her.

He says sorry, when you told me the good news, I didn’t react well. She says it’s okay, we do this all the time, happiness is double. He says I know, twins, we have to celebrate, I’ll get you Chinese. She says I like it. He says I will get it from the Chinese stall, not the authentic Chinese restaurant. She asks him to go get it and then eat it herself, she will eat the apple, healthy. She smiles and says I passed Abhi’s test. He says 10 out of 10, be alert, such tests will happen. She gets the call from the conductor. She says he asks if I’m interested in the album. He asks what did you think. She says Dr. Iyer told me not to put up with stress, music gives me joy, I should do this, I will feel better. He says I don’t want to compromise with your career, but right now your health is a priority.

Suwarna says that it is now a week that Abhi and Akshu have decided this. Dadi says Akshu and babies are ok, Aarohi is ok too. Suwarna says we will send this laddoos there. Manish says yes, I miss them very much. They wish that everything goes well. Akshu says I will also order a non-slip mat, like this non-slip slippers, Abhi took good care of me, I will consult with Abhi about the conductor, where is Abhi. Abhi comes and says you can’t go to the studio but the studio can come home, I got your recording set, I talked to your conductor, he said you can sing from home. Akshu gets happy. He says I don’t want you to compromise with your career and health. She thanks him. She hugs and says a week has passed, I hope everything is 10 out of 10. He says yes, we must provide diets and regular testing. She says we should enjoy ourselves too. He says yes we will enjoy a lot but don’t miss the routine we have to be extremely careful.

Manjiri makes halwa for Akshu. She says I sent Aarohi’s favorite halwa to her, and this is your favorite, take it if you want. Akshu says it’s great. Abhi says show me what’s up. Manjiri says it’s healthy. Anand comes and says that you have applied for leave. Abhi says yes, I want six months paternity leave, Akshu will be mommy, I will be daddy, we will share the responsibility, I want to spend time with my babies. Anand asks who will run the hospital. Abhi says we will find a good doctor, I will go in case of emergency. Anand says ok. Abhi feeds the halwa to Akshu. Manjiri says few new things are better than old ones, boys understand equal responsibility. Abhi and Akshu meditate. She gets a panipuri picture in the notification. She smiles. He keeps her phone away. Kesariya… plays… He takes good care of Akshu.

Akshu sings before the recording. Abhi comes and gives her medicine. She continues to sing. He asks her to drink juice. He asks her to lie down. She takes it out. She goes to the washroom. She is listening to music. Abhi is waiting for her. He says it’s late, she didn’t come. He calls her out. He asks if you want anything. She doesn’t hear him. He knocks on the door and calls. He asks her to open the door. He’s worried. She hears him scream. He’s going to break down the door. She opens the door and sees him. He hugs her and says I was scared. She says I’m fine. He says I’ve been screaming for a long time. She says sorry I was listening to songs why are you worried I take care of you. He says you don’t lock the bathroom door, don’t hear songs on the headphones, come on, it’s time to sleep. She says I came to wash my face. He says come I will give a wet towel, why are you looking at me angry, rules are rules. Gunka laughs. Suwarna says Abhi makes the Akshu parade, he takes good care of the coming babies. Manish says I didn’t know he would take such care. They all talk about Abhi and make jokes.

Manish says I had a wish, now I have an excuse, we will call Akshu and Aarohi, we will spend time with them. Kairav ​​says yes I miss them too we will call them both. Suwarna says I will call Manjiri. Abhi asks Akshu to sit down and breathe. He asks her to drink lemon, haldi and saunf water. jokes Akshu. They fight. Manjiri asks them to calm down. Neil and Aarohi come. Manjiri says Suwarna called, she said everyone misses you two, you can go to Maayka for a few days if you want. Abhi asks what is needed, there is time for delivery. Manjiri says I am a woman first, I was a girl before, I know that Maayka is special for a girl, you can go if you want, you decide what to do. Aarohi says I have some work, I’ll go later. Abhi asks Akshu to go later. Akshu says no, I miss them, I have to go. She thinks I want a few days off from Abhi’s military school. Abhi says I will call them all here. Akshu asks whether you come to drop me off or not tell me I will fight if you refuse. Manjiri asks Abhi to go. Abhi nods.

Aarohi says no, I have to do something before they know my good news is fake news, Preeti doesn’t give me any solution. She gets the call from Preeti. She asks any idea, what, weekend away, okay. Goenkas pampers Akshu. Kairav ​​asks her what she will have. Akshu mentions many dishes and says I don’t have much greed, everyone should be made at home. She gives instructions to Kairav. Abhi says I don’t know Akshu is on the diet or not, I can’t follow it from here.

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Abhi quarrels with Akshu. Manish asks if you think we can’t take care of Akshu.