Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 11, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode opens with Akshu saying please let me hear our baby’s heartbeat with you for the last time. He nods. He does the ultrasound and cries when he sees the baby on the screen. Akshu cries when he hears the heartbeat. Abhi hears two heartbeats. Akshu asks what happened, why do you look worried. Abhi says there are two heartbeats. She asks for two? He says twins. He shows the twin babies. They cry.

Everyone is sad at home. Manjiri says he doesn’t know what they are going through. Harsh says sometimes life makes you helpless. Shefali says I hope there was a way. Aarohi gets tea. Manjiri asks why you got the tea, you need a rest. Aarohi says yes, family needs me. Gunka at home. Manish says Abhi called us here. Mahima asks if there is any complication in the procedure. Manjiri is worried. They see the balloons in the sky. Akshu and Abhi come home happily. They say we didn’t do the procedure, we decided to keep the babies. Manjiri and everyone smiles. Aaron is worried. Everyone gets happy and congratulates them. Dadi fends off the bad eyesight and says everything will be fine.

Shefali gets a team. Neil says there can’t be any good news other than this. Aarohi says really. Manjiri hugs Abhi and Akshu. Manish asks babies? Twins? Harsh says yes, Abhi said to twins. Abhi finally says, you realized it. Akshu says yes. Abhi says they are twins. It makes them all happy. Suwarna congratulates Akshu. Harsh congratulates Abhi and Akshu. Neil jumps over Abhi and hugs him. Neil says we’re both going to be fathers. Akshu hugs Abhi.

Everyone gets poetic and wishes them. They clap. Manjiri says luck is in place but Akshu’s health. Manish says yes, but you decided something else, you changed your decision, there’s a new development. FB shows Abhi and Akshu crying.

Abhi asks what should I do. Akshu says you are their father. He says I am also your man, how will I ignore your case. She says we will take care of our babies and my health you remember those peacock feathers it was a sign of our twins it’s a blessing we can’t ignore this we can take care of them we have to give them a chance . He then asks why your accident happened. She says this is our only chance to become parents, I’ll take care of it. He asks promise. She says promise, please say yes. He says fine, there is risk, but fine. She thanks him. They cry happily. He says don’t forget your promise, be careful, I’m here to take care of you, but you have to take care of yourself, I can’t forgive myself if something happens to you. She says no, nothing happens. FB ends.

Akshu says we decided this together, we don’t want any doubts, I promised Abhi that I will take care of myself. Abhi says we also consulted the doctor. FB shows Abhi and Akshu Dr. meeting Iyer. Akshu asks doctor for help. He says it is my duty to tell you everything clearly, you must take care of yourself 200%, stay away from smoke, your oxygen level should not drop, you will not get any physical and mental stress, maintain blood pressure and heart rate, chance is 50-50, we can increase it with medical help, all the best. She nods. FB ends. Akshu asks if you all want to support us. Everyone hugs them. Manjiri fends off Akshu’s poor eyesight. Suwarna does the tilak for Abhi and Akshu.

Apne ka saaya ho…… playing… They all dance. Dadi gives her bracelets to Akshu and calls Aarohi. She says Naira gave me these bracelets so I’m giving these to you, and Sirat gave me this ring so it’s for Aarohi. Kairav ​​gives his new phone number and says it will never get busy, you can always call me. Akshu says I’ll call if I want to talk. He always says, I’ll call you too. He hugs Akshu and Aarohi. Akshu asks what happened. Manish says I don’t know how this could have happened, you’ve both grown up and now you’re going to be mothers. Akshu says we will always be your daughters. He blesses them and embraces them. Manjiri says I’m so happy for both of you. She is crying. Abhi asks why you are worried. She says I need to talk to you. Manish says take this as my request, you are always the sun and moon to this family, you didn’t get together, now you have to get together. Everyone says the same.

Manjiri says that whatever happened in the past should not affect the happiness to come, you understand that at once. Akshu says I promise we won’t let you complain, right Aarohi? thinks Aaron. Abhi and Neil ask Manjiri not to worry and hug each other. Aarohi says I promise.

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Aarohi asks how long will I do this drama. She throws a pillow. Abhi stops Akshu from eating the laddoo. He says I made a mistake in letting you come here. Manish says you don’t think we can take care of her.