Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 10, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The episode starts with Aarohi saying that Akshu is pregnant. Neil says yes, I learned this from mom. Manjiri says we got the news today, we are happy and also concerned. Manish says we should support them. Manjiri and everyone have a conversation. Neil says I’m going to meet Abhi. Aarohi says I can’t tell my truth to anyone now, I need to know Abhi and Akshu’s decision. Harsh says we should see a specialist sometime. Manish says Abhi is a doctor, he knows the risk. Suwarna says we need to talk to them. Abhi says I’m sorry Akshu. He remembers her words. Manish holds him.

Akshu says it’s no problem to think something, we can think positively, but Akshu refused, I know what he feels, but I also feel, he should talk to me. Abhi says I was also happy but couldn’t hug her, I couldn’t express my happiness, I have more fear than happiness, I can’t lose Akshu. Suwarna says Abhi is also a doctor, he knows. Manjiri says I can understand your feelings. Akshu says this fear is always there, any problem can happen, it does not mean we give up hope, it is a special feeling for a woman to become a mother, no one can understand this, I said I will not leave hope . Manjiri says there are risks for you and your baby. Akshu says we will take the best medical help, we can’t ignore the emotions.

Abhi says, understand my fear, I can’t lose Akshu, life is not in our hands, I can’t leave it to fate, I can’t take a chance. Manish says I know you love Akshu, but you are a doctor, doctors don’t give up. Abhi says the doctor can refuse if surgery has a high risk, if it is about Akshu then I have no priority over her. Manish says I can understand, I know what you’re going through. He hugs Abhi. Abi is crying. Suwarna and Manjiri cry Akshu and cry. Abhi says I will do what is right for Akshu, I will call gynac and take tomorrow’s appointment for the procedure. Manjiri stops him and says I understood but don’t do this, this procedure won’t happen, I’m talking about me, nothing is devilish but Akshu’s life. He says we have no other choice, the risk is getting high, we have to go to the hospital and abort this pregnancy, please.

Akshu comes and shouts no Abhi, I can’t do this. Abhi says I know you are afraid, I am also afraid, you have to do this. She says no, I will not ask for anything, please listen to me. He says please stop. Everyone looks sad. He says that your life is not only yours, if something happens to you, what will me and the baby do, everything has to do with you, there is nothing without you. It is night, Akshu is sad. Abhi calms her down. She says we’re going to the hospital tomorrow. It is morning, Abhi takes Akshu to the hospital. Everyone prays at home. Manjiri sings a bhajan. Akshu sees the children and gets emotional. Akshu goes to meet the gynac. The doctor asks if you are ready. Akshu says no, I’m not ready, but I have to do this, I have one request. Abhi is outside. The doctor comes and says that Akshu is fine, she wants to talk to you, she calls you in.

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Akshu says I want to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the last time. Akshu and Abhi hear the heartbeat and cry. She asks what happened. He says it’s two heartbeats. They laugh.