Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Armaan looking at Dia’s photos on his phone. He smiles getting flashes of her and then relives the memories by playing “Menu Jee Lende” song. He stares at his Holi outfit and sees Dia’s hand prints. He keeps admiring it, while their servant Ramkali comes inside his room to collect dirty clothes to wash. She was about to take the Holi outfit, when he immediately stops her. He snatches his kurta and ask her to leave it. She tries to get it back stating that it’s dirty and she needs to clean it, but Armaan somehow gets successful in saving it. She looks at him weirdly and says that both Sudha and him are behaving strangely.

Here, Armaan again looks at Dia’s photo and smiles while Krish comes there and sees him. He confronts him asking about the reason for his happiness, while Armaan tries to hide Dia’s picture. He lies to Krish in order to free himself, but Krish denies to believe him and ask to show the phone. Krish tries to snatch it, while in the process of saving it Armaan mistakenly sends a photo to Palki.

Krish apologises for it while Armaan gets irked seeing it getting delivered to Palki. Whereas, Dia also keeps remembering her moments with Armaan along with Palki. At that time the latter gets a message and lies to Dia that it’s a spam message. Whereas, inwardly she feels elated seeing Armaan’s message.

Elsewhere, Sudha calls Anju and tells her that she is sending Armaan to their house with sweets. She shows her gratitude towards them for their hospitality during the holi celebration. Anju ask not to do any formality while latter says that it’s her way to show her gratitude. Sudha questions Anju about Palki’s decision for marrying Armaan.

Anju tells Sudha that she haven’t asked Palki about it yet, to which Sudha gets anxious and indirectly mocks Anju. Whereas, the latter assures to discuss about it with Palki as soon as possible and assures Sudha. Meanwhile, Sudha ask Armaan to go Mathurs house.

Ahead, Dia gives gifts to her family as she receives her first salary. She gifts a branded goggles to her father and a gown with knee reliefs to her mother. She also gifts a tripod stand and lights to Palki stating that now she can make her videos easily, while latter gets excited and shows her gratitude towards her sister.

Jhanvi also calls Dia and shows everyone the gifts she had sended to her and the in-laws. Dia gets happy seeing Jhanvi’s smile, whereas, Anju insists her not to waste money on them and ask to save it for herself. She ask if Dia haven’t bought anything for herself? To which latter shows the mirror in which she sees her family’s face and states that they are her gifts. Mathurs shares a happy moment.

Further, some boys taunts Palki stating that girls can’t play football. At that time Armaan comes there and encourages her asking to show it to them. The girl teams gives a befitting reply to the boys and plays amazingly. Palki kicks the ball but slips and she got spasms on her back. Armaan picks her up and takes inside the house, while Mathurs shows their concern towards her. The doctor advice her to rest, while Sudha calls her and ask to take Armaan’s help as he can teach her some exercises to relieve the pain. Armaan hesitates but then looks at Dia and agrees to it.

Precap:- Mathurs plays never have I ever game with Armaan and Palki teaches them the rules. They all gets the drink to consume, if they have done the things. Palki ask first question that never have I ever had a secret crush on anyone. Dia and Armaan looks at each other and he drinks the shot. Whereas, everyone looks at him in surprise.

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