Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 17th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Dia trying to convince Palki to backout from her revenge plan. She tries to make her understand that it is not necessary. She states that they don’t even know Armaan properly and it will be a risk for Palki to marry him, just for the sake of taking revenge. She assures her sister that she is fine and insists Palki to stop, but the latter denies and says that she is mature enough to take her own decisions. She prohibits Dia from interfering in her life and proclaims to teach a lesson to Armaan. Dia tells that they don’t even know if she is the only person whom he have hurted, or there are many like her? She requests Palki to cancel her meeting with Armaan, but gets unsuccessful.

Here, Palki irons her dress to wear while having food with Armaan in the restaurant. Dia tries to stop her but the latter still goes there. Meanwhile, Armaan talks with his brother Krish and declares his decision of rejecting Palki. He says that they both are different and won’t be capable of spending their life together.

Krish ask Armaan to be stern on his decision. He states that he knows about his humble nature, who doesn’t wants to hurt anyone. He advice Armaan to do what his heart says and don’t get influenced by any emotions. At that time Palki comes there and Armaan greets her. He feels nervous, while she ask him to relax.

Elsewhere, Armaan and Palki sees some other couple proposing eachother. Armaan becomes anxious as Palki also ask him to close his eyes and states that she wants to surprise him. She sees his nervousness and laughs assuring that she isn’t going to propose him. She makes him close his eyes and then gives his thing which he have forgot inside their house.

Armaan shows his gratitude towards Palki and tells that he wants to say her something. Whereas, she ask him to praise herself while he smiles awkwardly and praises her. He tells her to listen to him calmly and insists not to react without hearing his explanation. He tries to tell her about his decision, but Palki’s dress got teared. She faces wardrobe malfunction, while she requests him to help her.

Ahead, Palki insists him to take her till washroom so that she can fix her dress, while he holds her shoulder nervously. At that time Dia comes there and removes his hand from palki forcefully. She sends Palki inside the washroom and scolds Armaan for having bad intentions. She starts shouting at him for being characterless, while he gets shocked and ask her to stop her allegations.

The manager of the restaurant ask Armaan and Dia to go out of the hotel. Whereas, Armaan confronts Dia and denies all her allegations. He mocks her for having a low thinking. He says that she is that kind of person who picks up faults in everything. He says that she can’t be able to bear her sister’s happiness and is jealous of her. He goes away leaving Dia furious. Meanwhile, Palki also scolds Dia stating it to be her fault.

Further, Sudha makes Pawan eat all the food. He praises her while she notify that it is made by Bhavna. She goes away for a while, whereas Pawan suddenly degraded the food and taunts Bhavna to learn how to cook. She replies back to him, while he ask her not to get involved in Armaan’s marriage as he won’t be able to get a nice girl, whereas Bhavna challenges to get a beautiful girl for her brother. He then takes a leave, while Armaan comes there and shows his frustration. He then calms himself, while Bhavna blames everything on Dia. Later, she calls Mathurs and invites them for the dinner, whereas Dia’s parents decides to take Dia also along with them.

Precap:- Bhavna confronts Dia and taunts her for having problem with Palki’s happiness. She mocks her for her dark skin colour and warns to stay away from Armaan and Palki’s relationship. Bhavna forces Dia to look at her face in the mirror and taunts that everyone always rejects her. Whereas, Armaan tells about Dia’s attitude problem to Palki, while she takes stand for her sister and tells him that he is the reason behind it. He declares that he never talks behind the back of anyone, while Palki states that he have problem with Dia’s face.

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