Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 15th March 2022 Written Update

Episode starts with Dia getting shocked learning about Palki’s plan to take revenge from Armaan by marrying him. She tries to stop Palki and ask her not to do anything. Whereas, Palki reminds her that how Armaan have rejected her just because of her skin colour and ignored all her qualities. She states that she have seen people hurting her since childhood and won’t bear it anymore. She determines to take revenge from everyone who will try to degrade Dia.

Whereas, Dia tries to make her calm and says that she doesn’t care about people anymore. She tells that her family is everything for her and she won’t let Palki do anything silly, just for punishing someone.

Here, Palki ignores Dia and goes away without accepting her suggestion. Meanwhile, Anju gets tensed thinking about Palki’s decision and questions that how suddenly she got interested in Armaan?

Dia’s father replies to Anju that maybe they have only became busy in thinking about Dia and ignored Palki’s feelings. He says that being their parents, they have to think about both of them. He states that due to Dia, they can’t risk Palki’s future and ask Anju to let Palki have a conversation with Armaan, so that they can understand if they are capable of each other or not.

Elsewhere, Anju agrees to her husband’s suggestion and prepares to welcome Armaan. Whereas, Dia looks lost thinking about Palki’s revenge in her workplace. Ruby notices her and questions of she is fine? Dia lies about being okay, while Ruby insists her to take a small break.

Dia seems lost and forgot to close the water. Meanwhile, Kajal comes there and confronts her. She assures Dia that if there is anything which is disturbing her, then she can share it with her. Whereas, Dia pours her frustration out on her. She then apologises to Kajal for her rude behaviour, while latter forgives her.

Ahead, Kajal suggests Dia to pour her feelings out before it starts hurting her. At that time Anju sends a voice message to Dia, telling about Armaan and Palki’s meeting. Whereas, Dia gets worried and tries to cancel it. Later she goes back to her house, while Armaan also comes there at that time. He gets elated looking at her and tries to talk, while she ignores him.

Armaan gives a gift to Dia and she gets surprised seeing an small instrument box from which her favourite old song starts playing. But, still she denies to take it remembering about her insult. She taunts him and goes away from there, while he gets confused. She returns back remembering Kajal’s words and decides to pour her heart feelings out. She blurts out that how it hurted her when Armaan rejected her just because of her skin colour, while he doesn’t turn towards her making her furious. She doesn’t notice that he was talking to Sudha and couldn’t able to hear her talk.

Further, Mathurs greets Armaan while Palki takes him upstairs. Dia notify Anju about Palki’s revenge and ask her to end the alliance, to which latter doesn’t believe her and ask her not to take rejection to her heart. Whereas, Palki and Armaan have some conversation, where he appreciated her work. She seems to be impressed by him, while Dia comes there to give them snacks and warns Palki not to do anything foolish. Whereas, Armaan remembers his conversation with Krish, where he said that he couldn’t able to find compatibility with Palki.

Precap:- Dia meets Kajal while latter shows a box to her stating that it have pictures of the people who are close to her heart. Dia hugs Kajal in order to console her, while at that time she sees Armaan’s picture with her and gets shocked. Meanwhile, Armaan suggests Palki to clean her instrument once a while as it will enhance its sound quality, while Dia snatches it from him stating that it is hers. She says that she likes her instrument the way it is and taunts Armaan for only looking at the outer appearance of everything.

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