Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Saransh visits Bunty and says he wants him to help Rudra by bringing Roohi here. He says that Rudra loves that girl and will be back to normal after meeting Roohi; he offered Roohi a scholarship to Khurana School, but her father turned it down. Bunty realizes that Yuvraj must have turned it down and thinks Preesha will come with Roohi if she gets here and reconciles with Rudra. He tells Saransh that he needs an elder to accompany him. Saransh says his family lawyer is accompanying him.

Sharda confronts Rudra with getting heavily drunk. Rudra says he drinks to hide his grief. She asks if he has thought of Saransh, how will he feel to see him like this. He says how he can comprehend that the girl he loved the most is not his, but Yuvraj’s daughter. Sharda says he is Saransh’s father and needs to focus on someone else’s daughter instead of. Rudra says she is right, he ignores Saransh and may lose her just like Preesha so he will visit him and apologize. They visit Saransh’s room, where the maid tells them that Saransh left in the morning. Sharda calls Saransh.

Saransh on her way to Rothak with Bunty and lawyer asks what kind of nice parents Roohi has who don’t want to send her to Delhi for her better future. Bunty says that Roohi’s mother has a past in Delhi. Saransh asks what she is doing. Bunty says she’s a doctor and wants the best education for Roohi, but doesn’t want to go back to Delhi. Saransh gets Sharda’s call and says he’s with his friend to help him with his project. Sharda agrees. Saransh thanks god that daadi believed his lie. Beena maasi and Sachi’s mother bring food for Preesha. Sachi takes Roohi out to meet their last time. Roohi meets friends at the market. Bunty stops the car and walks over to her. Roohi gets happy when he thinks Rudra came after she called him.

Saransh is surprised to see Roohi, remembers their previous meeting and thinks that is why Rudra loves Roohi. Roohi asks what he’s doing with Bunty here. Bunty introduces them. Saransh says he met her during his trip and reveals that Roohi’s mother takes her far away so he arrived here in a rush. Bunty gets tense and she runs home. He stops the car at a distance because he thinks Preesha shouldn’t know that he brought a lawyer here. Roohi takes a lawyer to meet Preesha. Lawyer informs Preesha that Roohi has been selected for a scholarship in Delhi’s Khurana School. Preesha gets angry and asks if Rudra sent him. Lawyer denies. Preesha calls Rudra and Ass why he is trying to get near her and Roohi even after her warning and sent his lawyer with a scholarship offer. He denies. She continues to call him names and disconnects. She then declines the offer.

Rudra calls a lawyer and whips him for offering a scholarship to Roohi without his permission. The lawyer says he did it on behalf of Saransh, as he is also an administrator of the school. Rudra orders him to return to Delhi. Lawyer informs Roohi that her mother turned down a scholarship offer. Roohi is feeling discouraged. Preesha cries when he thinks why Rudra is doing this. Beena Maasi enters and asks for reason. Preesha reveals that Roohi has been awarded a scholarship to Rudra’s Khurana School. Maasi asks how she is related to Rudra. Preesha reveals that Rudra is her husband. Maasi is pleased to hear that and says that is why Roohi is emotionally attached to Rudra and suggests that she return to Rudra. Preesha says she can’t, as her real name is Preesha Khurana.

Precap: Beena convinces Preesha to send Roohi to Khurana School and asks her to call Rudra once. Saransh dials Preesha’s call and is shocked to hear her voice. Rudra chides him for offering Roohi a scholarship and asks if he knows who Roohi’s mother is. Saransh says he knows.

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