Yeh Hai Chahatein December 9, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

The inspector tells Preesha that the video she showed proves that she killed Armaan out of frustration. Rudra says that Preesha is innocent, it’s his fault that he didn’t watch a video himself last night. The inspector then accuses Rudra of killing Armaan to get revenge on him. Rudra asks him to stop accusing him. Armaan’s friend enters and accuses Rudra of killing Armaan as he had fought Armaan last time when he was drunk. Rudra says he was drunk and fought while Armaan insulted him but he didn’t kill Armaan. The inspector sends away Armaan’s friend and arrests Preesha and Rudra for Armaan’s murder and insists that they tell where they have hidden the murder weapon. Rudra fails to convince him. Pihu and Vidyuth assure them not to worry as they will soon contact a lawyer and bail them out.

Sharda is worried about Rudra and Preesha calls Pihu and asks if they are all right and if Armaan has not harmed them. Pihu reveals that Armaan is dead and the police arrested Rudra and Preesha in the Armaan murder charge as they had a motto to kill Armaan. Sharda is worried and asks Pihu to save them somehow and keep her updated. Pihu reassures her and disconnects. Sharda informs the same to Saransh and Roohi. Saransh and Roohi walk out of the house and watch news where news anchor informs that Preeeha and Rudra are charged with murder and police find evidence against them. Roohi tells Saransh that they should tell everyone what happened that night. Saransh says nothing will happen to Rudra and Preesha, they just have to wait and see.

Rudra tries to explain to the inspector that the bloodstains on his shirt are his, as he injured himself in a fit of rage last night. He can send his shirt to the forensics lab. Inspector asks him to tell the car number he got into. Rudra asks how he can remember the car number. The inspector insists that he remembers the event or else his crime. He walks back to his desk where Pihu tries to convince him that Rudra didn’t kill Armaan. The inspector asks if she has any evidence. Motorist comes in and says he is proof as he dropped Rudra home last night, he is Rudra’s big fan. The inspector calls Rudra who identifies the driver.

Driver describes the whole incident where he chooses the intoxicated Rudra and describes that he is his fan. Rudra expresses his anger towards Armaan who snatched everything from him saying that he broke now with an empty sack and an empty stomach. Driver feeds him and drops him off at home. The inspector tells him to lie as he is Rudra’s fan. Driver says he can see CCTV footage near bhurji pav stall. The inspector checks whether Rudra is charged with murder and rules it out, but detains Preesha for investigation. Rudra meets Preesha and asks how to kill Armaan. Preesha says that Armaan was well built and it is not easy to kill him, he must have resisted and shouted, how can that servant not hear him, maybe Armaan knows the killer well. Rudra says she is right, they should inform the inspector to help him manage the investigation. Constable now asks him to go and informs that the inspector has already left home.

Sharda continues to worry about Rudra and Preesha. Rudra returns home. Sharda asks about Preesha. Rudra says that she is still under police custody because the police still doubt her. Sharda cries more to show her concern for Preesha. Rudra and Pihu comfort her and assure that Preesha will come home soon. Roohi asks Saransh to reveal to everyone what happened that night. Saransh says they can’t or they will get caught.

Precap: Inspector informs Rudra and Preesdha that according to forensic report, Armaan was killed around 3 am. Constable shows a button found in Armaan’s room. Rudra identifies it belongs to Digvijay. Inspector arrests Digvijay.