Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2022 Written Update

Rudra Asks Preesha If She Doesn’t Want Roohi To Consider Him As Her Father, Why Don’t She Inform Her Who Is Her Real Father. Preesha Says She Will When She Has To, He Need Not Interfere, Anyways She Will Find It Out Some Day. Rudra Asks Why Don’t She Inform Her That Yuvraj Is Her Father, But She Doesn’t Like Yuvraj. Preesha Says Roohi Took Ideas From Yuvraj And Hence Likes Him, She Is A Kid And He Is Getting Closer To Her For His Benefit. He Warns Her To Stop Her Nonsense, He Is Emotionally Attached To Roohi As Per God’s Wish But Hasn’t Forgotten Whose Daughter She Is; He Loves Roohi Immensely, But Whenever He Sees Roohi, He Remembers Preesha’s Betrayal. Truck Driver Informs That They Will Reach Rothak In 10 Minutes.

Rudra Tells Preesha That He Will Not Stay With Her Even For A Minute And Pampering Roohi Says He Always Loves Her And Will Meet Her Even If Her Mother Stops Her. He Asks Truck Driver To Stop The Truck And Gets Out Of It. Truck Drives Away While Roohi Watches Rudra Sadly. Preesha Apologizes Rudra In Mind And Thinks She Is Doing This For Him And Roohi. Rudra Sadly Thinks How Will He Live Without Her And Roohi. A Sad Song Plays In The Background. Bunty Searches Rudra And Noticing Him Thinks Where Are Preesha And Roohi. Rudra Senselessly Walks On Road Remembering His Bonding With Roohi And Time Spent In Jungle With Her And Preesha. Saathire Thoda Sambhalja.. Song Plays In The Background. Bunty Gets Rudra In Car And Asks If He Dropped Preesha And Roohi To Rothak. Rudra Says He Wants A Drink As He Wants To Forget Everything. Bunty Says Lets Go Home First As Sharda And Vyjayanti Are Worried For Him. Rudra Pleads To Take Him To Bar First. Bunty Thinks His Plan Failed And Rudra And Preesha’s Difference Aren’t Cleared Yet.

Preesha With Roohi Returns Home. Beena Maasi, Sachi, And Her Mother Wait For Them And Ask Why They Are Late. Roohi Explains What Happened On The Way Home. Sarpanch Walks In With Villagers, Alleges Preesha Of Adultery With Singer Rudra, And Says She Is A Disgrace To Their Village. Beena Maasi Tongue Lashes Him That Preesha Is A Boon To The Village And She Is Treating Village Patients For Free When No Doctor Was Ready To Come Here. Sarpanch Demands Her To Get Out Of Village As He Doesn’t Want A Characterless Woman In His Village. Yuvraj Acts As Supporting Preesha And Warns Sarpanch To Dare Not Question Preesha’s Character. Preesha Tongue Lashes Sarpanch Next That His Cheap Thinking Shows What Kind Of A Man He Is, Alleging Her Means Alleging Whole Village Women, Even She Doesn’t Want To Stay Here And Will Move Out Herself. Yuvraj Walks Behind Her And Asks To Accompany Him. Preesha Says She Will Not Trust A Man Like Him And Hence Will Go On Her Own.

Rudra Returns Home Heavily Inebriated. Sharda And Vyjayanti Get Worried For Him. Saransh Walks To Him. Rudra Pampers Him And Says Everyone Misunderstand Him Ecxept His Champ. Saransh Helps Him To His Room And Makes Him Sleep. Rudra Murmurs That He Loves Roohi, She Is So Cute, He Loves Her After Preesha, She Like Hearing Lal Tamatar From Her. Saransh Thinks Rudra Is Talking About Someone Else And Not Mamma, He Needs To Find Out Whom He Is Talking About. He Walks To Bunty And Says He Needs To Talk. Sharda Asks If Something Is Important. Saransh Says Nothing Important, Walks Out With Bunty, And Says Rudra Was Talking About A Small Girl. Bunty Thinks That Girl Is His Sister And Discusses About Roohi Saransh Decides To Meet Her.

Precap: Preesha Tells Beena Maasi That She Wants To Go Far Away From Everyone. Saransh Insists Bunty To Take Him To Roohi And Is Shocked To See Her. Yuvraj Proposes Preesha To Marry Him. Roohi Takes Saransh To Preesha.

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