Yeh Hai Chahatein December 8, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Rudra breaks the door with the police and others and enters Armaan’s room. They are all shocked to see Armaan lying dead on the floor. Inspector checks Armaan and says he is dead. He asks Rudra why he complained about his wife missing and what game he is playing. Rudra says he doesn’t know anything and is actually afraid that his wife is missing. The inspector says his wife killed Armaan over old rivalry and ran away. He asks agent to search the place. Digvijay asks who must have killed Armaan. Rudra says that Armaan was so bad and had many rivals. Constable reports that another body is nearby. Rudra sees Preesha and gets out of control thinking she is dead. Agents stop him. Lady Constable checks Preesha and says she is alive. Rudra relaxes and asks Pihu to help Preesha sit.

Rudra asks Preesha how she got here. Preesha says her head feels heavy. The inspector asks if she killed Armaan. Preesha says that Armaan was fine when she came to meet him and in fact he hit behind her head with a vase and she fell unconscious. She has a flashback of Rudra leaving in a car after fighting with her. She returns home to meet Pihu before leaving when a servant stops her and informs that an agent often meets Armaan and regularly takes money from him. Preesha asks if he knows that agent’s name. Servant shows the officer’s photo. Preesha remembers constbale lying in the police station that Armaan never left his prison cell. She further remembers that she found the agent’s name and reached his house where she notices precious furniture, smartphones and electronic goods and she threatens him to accept that he took money from Armaan and helped him escape from jail, otherwise she will complain against him to his superior.

Constable accepts that he helped Armaan out of jail for some time by replacing him with a man of similar physique and helped Armaan bomb the Rudra wedding and even conspired against Vidyuth. Preesha records his conversation thinking that Armaan will atone for his sins and return Rudra’s wealth. She further reveals that she went to Armaan’s house to inform him that she has evidence against him. The inspector says she acted wrong in revealing evidence to Armaan. Preesha says she was angry because Armaan had caused a lot of trouble to Rudra. The inspector says she should have given evidence to the police first instead of going to Armaan. Preesha says she knows she made a mistake out of anger. Servant agrees that Preesha had met Armaan last night and forcibly walked into his room.

Preesha further reveals that he informed Armaan about the recording of Officer Nirmesh’s confession and shows him video. He says that he snatched Rudra’s property, business, wealth, respect, etc.; she will unmask him tomorrow and return to this house with Rudra. Armaan says he will not let this evidence go out and hits Preesha’s head. Preesha falls unconscious. Armaan removes video. From a flashback, Preesha says she can’t remember what happened next. Rudra asks her to show the video. Preesha checks her mobile and finds it deleted. She says that Armaan must have erased and when she fell unconscious, Armaan was still alive. The inspector says she’s making up a story. Preesha says that she forwarded that video to Rudra. Rudra checks his mobile and shows video to inspector.

The inspector says that video proves Armaan’s crimes, but not that Presha did not kill Armaan and that it is strong evidence against her.

Precap: Inspector arrests Rudra and Preesha in Armaan’s murder case. Pihu informs Shara about Armaan’s murder and that Rudra and Preesha are framed for it. Rudra and Preesha discuss who must have killed Armaan. Saransh tells Roohi that if their parents don’t come in the morning, they will tell their parents what happened that night.