Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th March 2022

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh comes to Ruhi and gives her juice. He says that she is feeling very fresh. Ruhi says that Sharda slept with her yesterday so she had a very good sleep. Ruhi asks him if he got a lawyer. He says yes and tells that Vaijanti will help them. Rudraksh hears this. He further asks Vaijanti why she is fighting Preesha’s case. Vaijanti says that she wants everything to be fine now so that he and Preesha can stay happy together.

Rudraksh says that he hates Preesha because she betrayed him and kept Ruhi away from him. Vaijanti asserts that the day his anger subsides, he will realize what a big mistake he is making. Rudraksh does not understand her point and says that she should not fight her case. Vaijanti refuses to listen to him and says that no one can stop her from fighting her sister’s case.

Saying this she leaves from there. Rudraksh shouts that if someone had kept her daughter away from her then she would have understood his pain. Here Ruhi asks Saransh when will he execute his second plan. Saransh asks her which plan. Ruhi reminds him that they have to trouble Rudraksh. Saransh says that today Rudraksh has a meeting with an investor, so today they will get him late. Further, when Rudraksh is taking a bath, then Saransh and Ruhi shut off the water of the tab.

Rudraksh gets upset. He enters the room and sees that Saransh and Ruhi are there. They both laugh seeing him. Rudraksh asks them to help him. Saransh takes photos of him and uploads them on social media so that Rudraksh gets even more upset. When Rudraksh learns that Saransh has posted his photos, he gets angry and thinks that he cannot even scold children.

Just then Ruhi and Saransh come there. Rudraksh asks them to delete his photo. Then the manager’s call comes. Rudraksh asks him whether the investors have come. He says yes. Saransh throws an egg at him. Rudraksh gets angry. He asks the manager to bring the investors home. Then he goes to his room to change clothes. He sees a lizard there and gets scared seeing it.

He runs outside. Ruhi and Saransh come into his room and tear Rudraksh’s clothes. While the investors laugh seeing Rudraksh in the towel. Rudraksh feels ashamed and goes to his room. Next, he comes out wearing torn clothes. the manager and investors are shocked to see him. The investor says to Rudraksh that they will do a meeting later. Saying this they leave from there.

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