Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2022 Written Update

With In The School Students Laughs At Ruhi Seeing Her Hairstyle. She Wonders That Why They Are Laughing At Her. Mukhiya’s Son Rohit And His Friends Mocks Ruhi And Saachi Saves Her. Ruhi Asks That Doesn’t Her Hair Looks Good. Saachi Shows Mirror To Her. Ruhi Gets Angry At Rudraksh. After Some Time, Yuvraj Asks Ruhi That Who Tied Her Hair. She Lies To Him That Rupali Did. He Asks Her That Did Her Secret Friend Attended The New Year Party. She Says That’s Secret So Obviously She Can’t Share It With Him And Leaves From There. He Thinks That He Need To Find Out That Who Is Her Secret Friend Otherwise It May Affect His Plan In The Future.

Later, Saachi Gives Food To Rudraksh And Informs Him That Ruhi Is Mad At Him For Messing With Her Hairstyle And Leaves From There. He Thinks That He Has To Do Something To Convince Ruhi. He Goes To Ruhi’s Room And Apologizes To Her Saying That He Never Tied Anyone’s Hair Because He Don’t Have A Daughter Like Her. She Says That, That’s Not Her Problem But Students Made Fun Of Her. He Says That, That’s Why He Became Joker And Tries To Make Her Laugh.

Preesha Enters The House And Wonders That With Whom Ruhi Is Talking To. She Enters The Room And Tells Her That She Heard A Man’s Voice. Ruhi Tells Her That She Was Listening Radio. Preesha Tells Her That She Is Going To Change Dress And Asks Her To Come Out For Dinner. Ruhi Recalls That How Rudraksh Said That He Will Make Sure That Her School Students Praises Her And Left From There After Hearing Footsteps.

Next Day, Ruhi Tells Rudraksh That Mukhiya’s Men Rohit Mocked Her. Rudraksh Asks Her To Invite Everyone In The Garden Which Is Placed Near School To Celebrate Rohit’s Birthday. In The School, Rohit Teases Ruhi. She Tells Him That She Has A Surprise For Him And Asks Him To Come To Garden With His Friends. Saachi Asks Her About Surprise. Ruhi Tells Her That She Has No Idea About It And It’s Rudraksh’s Plan. She Hopes That He Won’t Mess Up Again.

On The Other Hand, Rudraksh Shows Preesha’s Bangle To Bunty And Tells Him That He Didn’t Hallucinated And It’s Not Preesha’s Lookalike Too. He Asks Her To Open Fake Ad Company And Conduct A Campaign To Find Out Beautiful Hand And Winner Will Get Price Money 1 Lakh Rupee. Bunty Agrees To Do It And Gives Clothes To Him.

Preesha Asks Ruhi That Where The Latter Going. Ruhi Tells Her That She Is Going To Attend Rohit’s Birthday Party. Preesha Asks Her To Not Attend. Ruhi Tells Her That She Really Want To Attend And Leaves The House. Preesha Plans To Clean The Storeroom. She Goes Out To Check Her Patient.

Ruhi Goes To Rudraksh And He Compliments Her And He Tells Her To Go To Garden. Rohit Tells Ruhi That Decoration Is Good And Asks Her About Surprise. Lights Goes Off. Rudraksh Comes There In Disguised Form And Sings.

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