Yeh Hai Chahatein January 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at

Nayan informs Ishani that Aliya and Keya gave her an enriched juice. She asks where Ishani was, Aliya and Keya wouldn’t have bullied her. Ishani reveals that Mohit proposed to her; she loves Mohit but it is wrong as Mohit is already engaged to Aliya and does not want to leave her because of her family’s favors to him. Nayan suggests to her not to encourage Mohit as it will be of no use to both of them and would be in pain. Ishani says she knows and that’s why she already told Mohit that they can’t go on. She then excitedly tells her how Sam dropped her off in her room and suggests to her to at least thank him.

Sam wakes up from sleep and seeing Ishani’s ribbon remembers last night’s event. Mohit enters and says that he sees him smiling in the morning for the first time in his life. Sam says he’s not smiling. Aliya then enters and asks Sam to get ready for marriage. She asks Mohit to book the London tickets for tomorrow as they have to go home before Revati returns from Belgium. Mohit looks sad. Aliya asks why he makes such faces, doesn’t he want to go back home. Mohit says he will book tickets then. Sam thinks why he feels weird and thinks about Nayan.

After some time, Nayan searches for Sam. Sam looks at her from behind and remembers their meeting last night. Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song playing in the background. Sam thinks why he thinks of Nayan who is not his type, better he stay away from her. Nayan notices him and thinks why she feels good to see him, it’s better she thanks him and leaves. She walks over when Aliya walks up to Sam crying and berates a costume designer for changing the color and pattern of her dress. Sam slaps the costume designer and orders him to get that dress from somewhere now. Designer says it was a latest design that he couldn’t arrange. Sam says he can’t see tears in his sister’s eyes and shouts to bring a dress at all costs. Designer leaves. Sam comforts Aliya. Nayan watches the drama and thinks he is so arrogant that she will thank him and run away.

Mohit holds Ishani’s hand. Ishani gets nervous seeing everyone around and asks him to leave. He says he loves her. She frees herself and leaves. Nayan then walks towards Mohit and suggests him not to go after Aliya. He says he loves Aliya. She asks if he will leave Aliya for Ishani. He stands still. She says when he can’t, why he wants to go on a path where he won’t get anything, etc. Once she’s gone, Aliya asks Mohit what she said. Mohit says she waved goodbye to him when he left tomorrow. Nayan walks towards mandap. Kiara’s mother gives her flowers to give to someone. Nayan notices Sam and walks over to thank him but doesn’t see him flirting with another girl again. She slips. Sam holds her. Flowers fall on it. Dil Sambhal Ja playing in the background again. He says they have a special bond. Nayan says nothing can happen between them as she is a middle class girl and he is a rock star, thanks for protecting her during cocktail party and helping her out of the garbage, it’s better they go their separate ways. He says she is right, they are different. She walks a little and thinks why she feels bad. Sam also stops. Song continues. She finally walks away.

Chintu searches for Nayan and clashes with Mohit. Mohit says he is the one.. Chintu says someone who came for his car. Mohit remembers Ishani telling him that Chintu is his brother. Chintu says he is looking for Nayan akka. Mohit thinks that if Nayan is Ishani’s sister, then he should interrogate Ishani. He takes Ishani to a room and says that Nayan suggested him to accept his love for Ishani in front of everyone by breaking up with Aliya or else leave Ishani’s life so he has decided to leave Aliya and move on go with ishani.

Precap: Ishani informs Nayan that Mohit said he is breaking up with Aliya. Mohit informs Aliya that he doesn’t want to marry her because he doesn’t love her. Sam informs Sam that he will return to London and never meet her again. Chintu falls from a balcony.