Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2022 Written Update

Rudraksh, Preesha And Ruhi Plays ‘Antakshari’. On The Other Hand, Yuvraj Meets Mukhiya And Taunts Him For Not Doing Anything Against Rudraksh. Mukhiya Asks Him That What Can He Do. Yuvraj Tells Him To Kill Rudraksh. Mukhiya Says That Rudraksh Left Rothak So He Can’t Do Anything. Yuvraj Tells Him That Rudraksh Keep Coming To Rothak. He Informs Him That Rudraksh’s Weakness Is Preesha So The Latter Should Insult Her And Throw Her Out Of Rothak Then Rudraksh Also Won’t Come Here.

In The Hut, Preesha Asks Ruhi To Sleep. They Lays Down On The Floor. Ruhi Asks Rudraksh To Sleep With Them. He Tells Her That He Is Fine. Ruhi Asks Preesha To Call Rudraksh So Preesha Calls Him And He Joins Them ( Title Song Plays In The Background ). Ruhi Holds Rudraksh And Preesha’s Hands Before Sleeping. She Thanks God For Making Rudraksh And Preesha Speak With Each Other. She Prays To God To Make Them Friends Again.

Next Day, Everyone Wakes Up. Ruhi Thinks That She Feels Crying Because They Has To Leave Now. Rudraksh Keeps Money In The Hut For Using Someone Else’s Stuff. They Goes To Car And Realises That Mechanic Didn’t Come To Repair The Car. Rudraksh Wonders That Why Bunty Didn’t Send Mechanic. He Tells Them That They Can Get Lift. Rudraksh And Preesha Tries To Get Lift. Ruhi Tells Preesha That No One Will Give Lift So They Should Return To Hut Because She Loved To Stay There. Preesha Tells Her That They Can’t Stay In The Hut And Has To Return To Their House. Rudraksh Stops The Tempo And Gets Lift.

Vaijayanti Tells Sharda That The Latter Was Confident That Rudraksh Will Return But He Didn’t Return Yet. And She Thinks That Rudraksh Won’t Return Because He Would Have Decided To Live With Preesha. Sharda Tells Her That She Is Worried About Rudraksh Because He Said That He Will Return After Dropping Preesha And Ruhi. She Calls Bunty And Asks Him That Where Is Rudraksh Now. Bunty Informs Her About Rudraksh’s Car Issue. He Asks Her To Not Worry And Rudraksh Would Have Stayed In Any Hotel And Disconnects The Call. He Hopes That They Are Fine And He Leaves For Rothak To See That They Are Fine Or Not.

Rudraksh Asks Ruhi That Why She Looks Sad. She Tells Him That She Can’t Meet Him Again. He Asks Her To Call Him Whenever She Want To Meet Him. She Asks Him To Stay With Her Forever And He Has To Become Her Father. Preesha Scolds Her For Asking Like That. Ruhi Tells Her That She And Rudraksh Loves Each Other. Preesha Thinks That Rudraksh Can’t Enter Into Their Life. She Tells Her That The Latter Already Has Father. Ruhi Asks Her That Who Is Her Father And She Want To Meet Him. Preesha Yells At Her And Rudraksh Stops Her.

Bunty Finds Rudraksh’s Car And Hopes That They Are Fine. Rudraksh Asks Preesha That Why She Is Not Telling About Real Father To Ruhi.

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