Yeh Hai Chahatein December 5, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at

Rudra acts like heavily drunk. Armaan’s henchmen ask Preesha to take her intoxicated husband home. Rudra signals to Saransh and Roohi, and they both quietly enter Armaan’s warehouse. Then they free Vidyuth. Vidyuth asks how they got here. Kids say they came to rescue him and even Rudra and Preesha are outside. Vidyuth asks if Rudra is alive. Kids say yes and take him out. Goons notice them and try to attack them. Rudra and Preesha fight and seriously injure them, Rudra ties them up and walks away breaking their mobile phones. They then take all 4 Vidyuth home. Rudra is happy that his brother is alive and asks who kidnapped him. Armaan says who else but Armaan can do that. He remembers trying to commit suicide while trying to escape from the police when Armaan rescued him and took him to his warehouse.

Armaan asks why he brought him here, he wants to meet Pihu. Armaan says he brought him here because Pihu was coming here in a while. He gives him a sedative and makes him unconscious, then says an enemy’s brother is an enemy too, he saved Vidyuth to implicate him in Rudra’s murder case and would never let him unite with Pihu, he will keep him to use it at the right time. Preesha says Armaan is a monster, it’s good that Vidyuth is alive. Vidyuth says he thought he wouldn’t come back to life at all and desires to meet Pihu. Sharda tells them to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, Pihu visits Khuranas. They smile at her. She asks why they called her early in the morning. They pull back the curtains and show her viduth. She is shocked to see Vidyuth and collapses. Preesha supports her. Pihu hugs Vidyuth and asks where he was until now and why he didn’t meet her if he was alive. Vidyuth reveals that her brother had kidnapped him and tortured him for 4 months. Pihu says she can’t believe her brother can bend that low. Vidyuth says he is sure that Armaan tried to kill Rudra with a bomb blast after he got paroled. Pihu says that Armaan cannot escape and will atone for his sins. Rudra and Preesha ask Pihu to bring good news to Vidyuth. Pihu reveals that Vidyuth is going to be a father. Vidyuth becomes happy and emotional. Pihu says that even after knowing her baby kept Vidyuth away from her, Armaan will atone for his sins. Rudra says that he and Preesha will support her and they will all punish Armaan together.

At Khurana’s house, Digvijay and Armaan wait for Pihu to figure out what she wants to talk to Armaan about. Rudra and Preesha walk in. Armaan shouts what are they doing here, he is going to call the police. They ask him to call the police and have him arrested for his heinous deeds. Armaan asks what he did. They call in Pihu. Pihu enters with Vidyuth. Digvijay is shocked to see Vidyuth alive. Pihu reveals that Armaan had kidnapped Vidyuth for 4 months and confronts Armaan for trying to ruin his own sister’s life due to his selfish behavior. Armaan accepts his crime and says there is nothing wrong with being selfish, he hates Rudra to the core and tortures Vidyuth to take revenge on Rudra, he likes that Pihu marries Vidyuth and that is why he had taken him hostage.

Precap: Pihu confronts Armaan and he pushes her away. Rudra detains Pihu and decides to punish Armaan. He tells Digvijay that they are going to file a complaint with the police against Armaan. Digvijay says they don’t have any evidence against Armaan, but Armaan does have evidence against them. Vidyuth says that Armaan had entered the payroll during the bombing. Rudra says it should be in the police records. They check the police records.