Yeh Hai Chahatein January 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at

Aliya tells Sam that she taught Nayantara a lesson for trying to flirt with him. Sam asks what? Aliya says she knows he saved her from humiliation but middle class Nayan tried to lure him; so she and Kiara gave alcohol shots to Nayan and shoved her in a garbage can. Sam leaves from there. Ishani searches for Nayan. Mohit says that Nayan is still having a cocktail party. She tries to leave. He stops her, describes how he feels for her and expresses his love for her. Ishani remembers Aliya kissing him and asks if he can tell Aliya that he loves Ishani and if he can leave Aliya. Mohit stands still. Ishani says if he can’t accept the truth then what’s the point of proposing to her; their story has love but can’t be a perfect love story.

Sam looks outside for Nayan and asks where chasmish/specs girl is. Intoxicated Nayan peeps out of the bin and says she’s there. She asks if he is drunk. He says yes. She starts her joker giri saying that only rock star Sam calls her chashmish. He says he is. She continues her drama. He lifts her up and takes her out of the garbage can. Dil Sambhalja Zara.. song playing in the background. She asks why it was in a trash can again. He says she was in the trash today. She says yes. The drama continues. He picks her up and walks to her room to drop her off. She refuses to return to her room. He says he will take her to his room then. She says she is not so intoxicated as to enter his room and let him abuse her. He says he doesn’t touch drunk girls.

Nayan agrees and accompanies him to her room. She then says she felt bad when he said he wouldn’t touch her. She begins to describe her ordeal of having no money to pay rent or else buy new glasses. Sam says at least she has a family but he has no family and the family he has is an adopted family that is with him as he is rich and earning. She asks him not to be disappointed and to look at her situation because she is ugly and no one likes her. He removes her glasses, looks at her face and says that beauty comes from within. Aye Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song playing in the background. He says she is so beautiful inside that he can be with her from Monday to Friday. She asks why not on Saturdays and Sundays, does he need a vacation.

He tells us to go to her room, because her mother and grandmother have to wait for her. She agrees. He picks her up and takes her to her room. Malati and Paati are worried and ask what happened to her. Ishani thinks they should not know that Nayan is drunk and says that Nayan had an allergic reaction. Paati says that Nayan looks drunk. Samrat says he gave her anti-allergy medication. Ishani sends Paati and Malati out and asks Sam to put Nayan to bed. She thanks Sam for helping Nayan. Sam leaves. The next morning, Nayan wakes up and feels lightheaded. Ishani says she was drunk last night and asks what happened. Nayan says she drank Aliya and Kiara’s juice at a cocktail party and can’t remember what happened next. Ishani definitely thinks they must have done something.

Precap: Aliya informs Mohit and Sam that they are returning to London the next day after their wedding. Nayan tells Mohit that Ishani told about them, he has to stop thinking about Ishani if ​​he can’t leave Aliya. Nayan slips, Sam holds her, flowers fall on it.