Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th January 2022 Written Update

Preesha cries thinking of Rudraksh. Ruhi realizes that Preesha was not jealous upon seeing Yuvraj with a girl and reports this to Rudraksh. He asks her to buy him ice cream. She tells him that here she tells him that her plan failed but that he wants to eat ice cream. He tells her that he will have an idea after eating ice cream. They eat ice cream. Mukhiya’s men see them and report it to Mukhiya.

Mukhiya tells his men that this time Rudraksh must not escape. Saachi overhears his conversation and reports it to Rudraksh and Ruhi. Ruhi asks Rudraksh to run. He picks her up and runs from there. Meanwhile, Yuvraj asks Preesha how her dance went. She declines to comment on it. Meena tells him that she danced very well. He asks Preesha to dance with him, but she refuses and leaves. She wonders where Ruhi went.

Rudraksh hides with Ruhi and he asks her to leave because Mukhiya’s men are after him, not her. She says that she will not leave him in her predicament. She has an idea to save him and buys saree and gives it to him. She asks him to wear it, which surprises him. She says that no one will recognize it if she uses it then. He refuses to use it. She asks him to tell her if he has any other ideas for escaping. He agrees to wear a sari and asks her not to tell anyone. He says that he doesn’t know how to wear a sari and she helps him wear it. He wears a sari and bumps into Mukhiya’s men. He hits them and changes the modulation of his voice and yells at them for bumping into a woman.

Preesha tells herself that she has to make Ruhi understand that the latter is doing wrong. Yuvraj tells him that she should have refused to dance with him instead of leaving like this. She says that he is a cowardly man and knows that he is using Ruhi to reach her. She warns him to stay away from her and he also knows who is in hers heart of hers and moves from there.

Rudraksh praises Ruhi’s plan. Preesha sees Ruhi and walks over to her. Ruhi notices Preesha and she sends Rudraksh from there. Preesha asks about her aunt. Ruhi lies that, that is the Maasi of Saachi. Preesha goes to Saachi’s mother and asks about her sister. Saachi’s mother says that she has no sister. Ruhi tells Preesha that she was joking. Rudraksh decides to search for Preesha.

Ruhi tells Preesha that this aunt is not a stranger. Saachi takes Ruhi from there to eat Panipuri. Yuvraj goes towards them. Ruhi sends Saachi from there. He tells her that her plan failed.

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